Why Season 3 Probably Won’t Be The Last Time ‘Miss Fisher’ Fans Will See Their Favorite Detective

by Kayla Hawkins

If you've ever wished that Sherlock Holmes was just as smart but infinitely more stylish with a kicky '20s bob, then surely you love Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. The third season finale of the charming series from Down Under airs on Nov. 22, but will Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries will return for Season 4? Well, while the series' third season is just wrapping up in America, the season was actually filmed back in 2015 in the Miss Fisher's native Australia.

Since then, the woman who plays the modern and curious Miss Fisher, Essie Davis, has received several other high-profile roles, including an arc on Game of Thrones Season 6 in 2016 and leading parts in The White Princess and an episode of Electric Dreams, both in 2017. Davis' popularity and other work alone would make filming additional seasons challenging, but the show's producers and writers have come up with a plan to circumnavigate the difficulty and make sure Miss Fisher will eventually get back on the case.

In a 2016 interview with News Corp Australia, creators Fiona Eagger and Deb Cox said that they were hoping to make a Miss Fisher movie trilogy, inspired by the Indiana Jones franchise. In 2017, Every Cloud Productions launched a Kickstarter project for a Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries movie, which raised its goal of $250,000 in just two days, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. Ultimately, the project raised over $700,000 in Australian currency. Cox told the Herald that the extra money raised will be spent on "those extra flourishes you want from a cinematic piece. She also noted that the additional money means that the production "can do extra things we might not have thought we could afford, like go to those real locations." But the overwhelming response came as something of a surprise. "It shows that the fans want the film, they're behind it, and there's an audience for it," Cox told the publication.

The movie currently in the works should act as a replacement for the fourth season Davis would possibly have been unable to accommodate with her other commitments. The text on the film's Kickstarter states, "we hope to start production in mid-2018" on Miss Fisher & the Crypt of Tears, a globe-trotting adventure that will take the titular hero outside of her native Australia. The project aims for a finished production in 2019, with international release to follow after an Australian one. So American fans of the fashionable detective would do well to stay patient, as there may not be more from this character for several years.

But even after the movie with Davis, there could be more from this series as well. While there's no confirmation, Cox and Eggar are also considering a potential spinoff series. "We'd like to expand the world and do a kind of origin story, the making of Phryne Fisher," Cox told The Sydney Morning Herald. "It would be set in the First World War. It's not about the war... but really about the home front — what the domestic politics were, and what life was like for women during the war." The younger version of the detective could be a recast. So with a prequel, audiences could meet an earlier version of the same character, whose identity in the main series is so closely tied to her modernity —from her short hair to her independence.

Unfortunately there isn't even an estimated timetable for this project, like there is for the movie. So there's likely going to be even longer wait for the possible early years of Miss Fisher. So while there won't be any new entires into the Miss Fisher story anytime soon — and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries seems to be pretty clearly over — the character certainly isn't finished putting her stamp on the world yet.