Why 'Narcos' Has So Much Potential For Many More Seasons


Fans flocked to Netflix's series, Narcos, as soon as it debuted, which is why a double season renewal took place in 2016 after the release of Season 2, promising four total seasons of the show, at least. Since then, the creators announced that the fourth season would actually act as a story reset, per The Hollywood Reporter, welcoming the debut of Narcos: Mexico. That means Pablo Escobar and the Cali cartel are left behind for an exploration of the Guadalajara cartel in Mexico and its "godfather," Felix Gallardo. That also means the introduction of a whole new cast and storyline. As if fans wouldn't already be pressing for an additional renewal ASAP, the reset gives them even more hope that Narcos will return for Season 5 to finish the story.

Update: Narcos: Mexico has been renewed for Season 2, marking the series' fifth season overall, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Earlier: The whole reset thing can be a bit confusing. Essentially, Narcos: Mexico, which debuts November 16, is the fourth season of the Narcos franchise. But in light of the end of Escobar's reign, Narcos: Mexico is the first season of its sub-story, and it actually takes place in the early '80s, way before Narcos Season 1 picks up. It tracks the rise of Gallardo, who successfully banded together a handful of cartels to work together and move marijuana throughout Mexico. Eventually, at the height of the Drug War with the U.S., the Mexican cartels also helped Colombian cartels move their cocaine. All of this, by the way, happens before the reign of El Chapo, one of Mexico's most famous drug lords, who is currently on trial in New York City for his various, alleged crimes.

"We always knew that we would get to Mexico eventually," showrunner Eric Newman told The Hollywood Reporter. "A key team comprised of myself and the guys I really trust and work very closely with — [director] Andi Baiz, [co-creators] Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro — have been discussing how to best transition to Mexico as early as season two. We decided on the Guadalajara cartel because it represents the beginning of the modern Mexican drug trade. It makes sense to start there."

Rumor has it that a Season 5 is in the works, but it hasn't been officially confirmed by Netflix or a related party. Internet theorists say it's happening, though. Geeks WorldWide, a blog that covers many aspects of the entertainment realm, claims to have received word that a Season 5 not only received the green light, but could begin filming as early as this month. Again, that's all just hearsay for now, but it could definitely turn into something more legitimate.

Considering its dedicated fanbase and deep arsenal of rich, potential content, it's hard to picture Netflix cancelling the show right now. The more realistic question at the moment is whether or not a fifth season would continue as Narcos: Mexico with the same cast and a continued storyline, or if it would reset again for a story that unpacks a different slew of drug crimes and their perpetrators in a different location.

Earlier renewals took place close to the season release dates, so an official renewal could be right around the corner.