'Paradise Hotel' Might Have Closed Up Shop For Good

Drew Herrmann/FOX

There may be trouble in paradise. Fox's new reality show, Paradise Hotel, will wrap up its first season on Thursday, June 6. The series is hosted by former and current reality star, Kristin Cavallari, and follows a group of singles looking for love in Mexico. The contestants are tasked with both coupling up and voting one another off the show for a final prize of $250,000. And while the premise sounds like an interesting mix between Big Brother and The Bachelor, it's unclear whether Paradise Hotel will return for Season 2 or not.

"The whole point [of Paradise Hotel] is to be the final couple," the Very Cavallari star explained to Us Weekly. "The first episode is 11 singles; there is always gonna be an odd number of girls versus guys, because well, you're trying to pair up and be in a couple. If you're a single, you end up going home." She continued, saying, "The most exciting part of the entire show, I think, is those final moments of being able to essentially screw your partner out of the $250,000. That's where it really becomes: Are you in it for the love? Do you really love each other? Do you trust each other?"

The series is a revival of the 2003 show Paradise Hotel, which came back in 2008 for a second season. Both iterations were hosted by Amanda Byram, and neither lasted more than one cycle. And the 2019 reality show's ratings have been tepid at best, per the Hollywood Reporter.

Ray Mickshaw/FOX

That said, Paradise Hotel's renewal status is still up in the air. While sites like Heavy and TV Series Finale claim that the show has been canceled, there's been no official announcement from FOX, nor do these articles have any sources to back up those claims. However, that the previous seasons have had more episodes than this current iteration (which has just 11) could perhaps be a red flag that Paradise Hotel is closing up shop for good. Furthermore, many fans are acting like the series has already gotten the axe.

Whatever the case, Cavallari seems like she's had a blast as host. According to Page Six, Paradise Hotel is filmed and aired in real time. As a result, Cavallari has been posting Instagrams from Mexico. "What we’re doing is I’m going to go down by myself for a few days," Cavallari told the publication. "The family will come down. My daughter will stay with me. My boys will go home and finish school and then they'll come back for the final two weeks."

But even if the show is canceled, Cavallari has plenty on her plate, between her E! show, Very Cavallari, and online store, Uncommon James. And it's clear that the host has enjoyed her experience on the series. "I sort of get the best job because what I do is I go in and I drop little bombs on everybody, and then I leave and watch it unfold," she told Bustle, laughing. "So it's fun, stirring is fun for me. It's not necessarily me messing with everybody, it's just ... you're moving the story along and you have their information, and so I get to constantly surprise them with new twists and turns which, makes for good entertainment."

So even if Paradise Hotel is gone, there are plenty of other reality shows in the sea, like Love Island, Temptation Island, or Bachelor in Paradise, to name a few. But whether Paradise Hotel has been canceled or ends up returning for Season 2, audiences will find out soon enough.