‘Queer Eye’ Season 3 Isn’t A Sure Thing Yet, But Don’t Freak Out

Courtesy of Netflix

Ever since Netflix released the first season of Queer Eye onto its streaming platform, fans simply cannot get enough of the new Fab Five, which consists of Bobby Berk (Interior Design), Antoni Porowski (Food & Wine), Jonathan Van Ness (Grooming), Karamo Brown (Culture), and Tan France (Fashion). So it comes as no surprise that viewers have been eagerly anticipating the show's second season, which dropped on Friday, June 15. But now that it's returned, it's hard not to look to the future once again and wonder: when will Queer Eye Season 3 premiere? Because honestly no amount of the Fab Five can ever be enough.

Unfortunately, as it stands right now, Queer Eye hasn't been renewed for a third season just yet. However, that doesn't mean that it won't happen. In fact, given the resounding popularity of the show, which The Guardian even referred to as the best show of the year, it seems inevitable that Netflix will decide to bring the show back for another installment. After all, it didn't take very long for the streaming platform to announce the second season renewal of the show shortly after the first season made its debut, so it wouldn't be surprising to see a similar pattern follow suit in the coming weeks.

Back in March, per Netflix renewed several of its unscripted shows, including Dope, Nailed It!, Drug Lords, The Toys That Made Us, and of course, Queer Eye. Vice President of Content for Netflix, Bela Bajaria, went into detail about the reasoning behind the renewal decisions in a press release, as reported by Entertainment Weekly. The statement read:

“These series are indicative of what we’re trying to accomplish for Netflix unscripted: working with world-class producers to create the best unscripted shows on television. These series elevate the genre with innovative takes on familiar formats. They deliver immersive and nuanced stories. They elicit so many emotions from viewers, from tears of laughter to tears of joy – and that’s just Queer Eye.”

As soon as the word got out, fans flocked to Twitter to show their excitement, which is typical behavior for when a beloved show will be back for more, however, no one could've prepared for just how popular Queer Eye would become so quickly. But that's because this show has proven to be about so much more than just fashion makeovers and hairstyle changes — it's about people from all different walks of life getting to know each other and seeing that, deep down, we aren't so different after all.

The Fab Five make a real effort to invest their time and attention into making someone's life better without changing who they are or transforming them into what society deems they should be like. They also aren't afraid to touch upon important, and sometimes even difficult, conversations with the people they meet along the way. During the fourth episode of Season 1, Karamo had a very moving interaction with a cop about Black Lives Matter and why he has a fear of police. "It was the first time that in the past three years especially that I've heard a cop say, 'I am so sorry,'" Karamo said during an interview with TV Guide. "I heard one finally say, 'You're right. There are some really bad ones, but there are some good ones'...that accountability was powerful for me."

If powerful conversations like that continue to happen on the show, it's only a matter of time until Queer Eye gets picked up for a third season. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if this series will continue on for many more seasons to come.