This Creepy Netflix Show Will Leave You With SO Many Questions

Adrian Rogers/Netflix

Requiem tells the story of a famed cellist diving into a mystery involving her recently deceased mother, the unsolved disappearance of a child, and strange paranormal studies. The six-part series, which premiered on BBC One and arrives on Netflix March 23, introduces audiences to a complicated web of secrets, and the show's first season may not answer all the questions that fans are asking. And although a Season 2 of Requiem hasn't yet been ordered by the BBC or Netflix, the show's creator says that a second season was always part of the plan.

"If the planets align and if we all decide that it’s the right thing to do then it could come back [for another run]," Requiem creator and writer Kris Mrksa revealed to The Radio Times before the show aired. " I originally conceived of it as a two-part story and it’s a possibility."

After the season finale aired in the U.K., Mrksa spoke with The Radio Times again, and this time, he was even more forthcoming: "There are a couple of threads left hanging at the end – unashamedly so because I would love to do another series and tug on those threads and see where they go," he said.

The first season of Requiem ends with some major cliffhangers, which makes the fact that the show has not been ordered for a second season rather alarming for fans who are hoping for closure. "After it goes out on Netflix in eight or so days’ time we will know [if there will be a second season or not]," Mrksa said. "Usually Netflix lets things run for a month before making a decision."

Despite Season 2 of Requiem being more of a hope than a reality at this point, Mrksa has already begun sketching out ideas for Season 2. "We have done some development work on Season 2. I have always had a broad-brush stroke idea of what might happen," he told The Radio Times. "Having [recently] spent a couple of weeks in London putting some detail onto that, I have a pretty good idea of what will happen in the second season."

Mrksa's dedication to finishing the story of Requiem should bring some relief to those who watched all six episodes of the series. Requiem's intentionally loose threads encouraged fans to take to Twitter and express their feelings about the finale, and their reactions ranged from frustration at a lack of answers, to excitement that those answers could eventually come in a second season.

While it sounds like Mrksa already knows where the show will be headed in a potential second season, fans so far are still left in the dark. Mrksa says he intentionally left unanswered questions in the first season, both to create excitement about a second season but also to facilitate discussion among fans. "There are some things that are grey and murky and I want people to argue about them. There are some things designed for an ongoing story should we decide to do it," he said.

The show's first season has already dove into the world of occult and demonic studies — but Mrksa has not yet revealed if any other supernatural elements will be making their way into Requiem. While the first season of the show solved some mysteries, there are plenty of questions left to be answered in Season 2 of Requiem, and a whole lot of room left to introduce more mind-bending puzzles for the audience to wrestle with. There may be no official order for Season 2 of Requiem, but the creator himself seems all but certain that the show will return for more episodes.