This Is How Much Rodrigo Could Be Getting Paid Even AFTER Being Kicked Out Of 'CBB'

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Celebrity Big Brother pays housemates pretty generous cheques for their time on the show. In return, bosses expect the cast to deliver entertainment, fun, and stay until they are either evicted or win. So, what happens when a housemate doesn't stay as long as they're supposed to? That's the question on a lot of people's lips after Rodrigo Alves suddenly disappeared from our screens. So, will Rodrigo Alves get paid for Celebrity Big Brother even though he left early?

The reason why he vanished from our screens is still not entirely clear. I mean, one minute he was in the house, the next, he was gone. Rodrigo told MailOnline that he quit the series because he'd had enough. However, Celebrity Big Brother has said that he was removed from the house following a "further incident." Either way, given that he didn't stay until the end, is he still going to get paid? According to The Sun, the show agreed to pay him £60,000 for his time in the house, which is a lot of money. Considering he left early, will he still get the full amount if any at all? Like, is there a clause for that?

I contacted the press team at Celebrity Big Brother HQ to find out what was going to happen. However, a spokesperson tell me that "this isn't something we would comment on." So, I reached out to Rodrigo's team instead, but his rep is yet to get back to me.

Of course, Rodrigo isn't exactly the first housemate to be removed from the Celebrity Big Brother house. Many stars have quit or been forced to leave by producers way before he was in the picture. So what happened with their pay?

Back in 2015, Tila Tequila was kicked off the show after her revolting and offensive Nazi beliefs were revealed. Despite this, the Mirror reported that she received her full payment of £100,000 as she didn't actually break any rules in the house. Urgh. Really?

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A star who left of their own accord was Youtube sensation Trisha Paytas, who quit after having just been saved by the public, a mere 11 days into the show. According to The Sun, historically people who leave of their own accord are only paid a portion of their fee.

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Jeremy Jackson was removed from Celebrity Big Brother in 2015 after he assaulted Chloe Goodman, and was also given a caution by police. When asked if he would still be paid for his time in the house despite what happened, he hinted during an appearance on This Morning that he would receive some money, as reported by OK! magazine. He said: "I'm a victim of what they choose to give me."

Like Jeremy, Celebrity Big Brother claims that Rodrigo was removed because of something he did in the house. Whatever it is that he did, which The Sun has claimed is too outrageous to air on TV, if the show's past is anything to go by, Rodrigo may still be paid at least some of the fee he agreed to do. However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows as he reportedly won't be allowed to attend the Celebrity Big Brother final.

"Rodrigo won't be invited to the Big Brother final and he certainly wouldn't be allowed in if he tried to turn up. He also won't be going to the big wrap party," a source told The Sun. "Once you're out, you're out and the doors are shut. It's the same with BOTS, he will never appear on there."

Whatever the truth may be, I'm sure everything will be revealed in due course. Either way, this one looks like a little bit of a tricky situation.