Will Rosita & Sasha Kill Negan On 'The Walking Dead'? The Two Survivors Made A Dangerous Deal

Gene Page/AMC

While Rick Grimes is enjoying living in the moment with Michonne and striking calculated strategic deals with Jadis, two of his fellow survivors made a different plan at Alexandria. Now that Rosita and Sasha left to kill Negan on The Walking Dead on a mission that seems likely to take one or both of their lives, the war might begin before everyone else is ready. These two women are barely even friends, but revenge is thicker than a little bad blood.

Rosita has a gun. She already regrets throwing away shot after shot, especially now that Eugene has been kidnapped. At the end of the episode, she met Sasha at Abraham's grave and recruited her to what appears to be a suicide mission and pact. Rosita has memorized the map of the Saviors' camp. Sasha knows how to get there. Sasha asked that she be the one to take the shot, and Rosita agreed.

Is this a foolish mission? Absolutely. Two lone avengers shouldn't be making such a dangerous, selfish, and emotional decision. However, it wouldn't be The Walking Dead without a few curveballs. It would be way to easy if Rick Grimes got to go through with his carefully planned attack.

It's a shame, because as far as the apocalypse goes, this episode featured a pretty romantic getaway for Rick and Michonne. Sure, there weren't roller skates, but they got to go to a carnival. They talked about the future. Then, for a sickening couple of seconds, Michonne thought the sheriff had been devoured by walkers, and it all fell apart. It's not easy to think about a bright future when the prospect of losing your loved ones is so real.

They probably would understand why Rosita and Sasha felt the need to take matters into their own hands — that is, if the stake weren't too dang high for everyone involved. While I would love it if one of those women was the one to take Negan down, this is definitely not the best way to accomplish that goal. Sunday's episode was a nice break for our survivors, but things are about to amp up fast, putting at least two beloved characters in danger.