'Drag Race' Fans Already Have A Few STRONG Opinions About The Future Of 'All Stars'


With the Season 4 finale just around the corner, it's only natural to wonder if Drag Race All Stars will return for Season 5. After all, this year's run — which saw the surprise return and subsequent second elimination of Latrice Royale — was one of the juiciest to date. And there could be even more huge twists to come.

Unfortunately, VH1 has yet to announce any renewal plans for the Drag Race spinoff, but that's not necessarily cause for concern. According to Deadline, All Stars wasn't renewed for Season 4 until August of last year — a full five months after the Season 3 finale — so there's plenty of time left until fans should start worrying. And the fact that there's no official Season 5 order yet hasn't stopped publications like Billboard from speculating what queens might make an appearance when a new season does come along. "After four seasons of All Stars, and an established format that packs in plenty of drama, it's pretty safe to say a fifth installment in the series is more than likely," the outlet reported.

Fans are also chiming in about what they want to see for the future of All Stars, and it's clear the show has a dedicated following.

In fact, some people already have a few requests for changes they'd like to see on the show. Some think the rules and format of the show could use a little sprucing up, especially in light of some controversial eliminations this year. "I wish they would keep a running score each week. The two top get to lip-sync against each other and the winner chooses the 'loser,' who then has extra points deducted. But no one goes home," wrote Reddit user DojiDojiDoji in a comment on the Drag Race subreddit. "This way we get to see all the 'all stars' in every category, through to the end. At the end, the 4 with the highest scores compete one last time, with the others voting for as they did in [All Stars 3]... to maintain a little shade and drama, for those that like it."

Others want more All Stars, but think the seasons should air less regularly. "In my opinion it should continue to be the normal seasons every single year, but All Stars every two years," user idontseeitformebutok wrote. "This gives us more Queens to choose from, it gives the Queens more time to grow instead of finishing off one Season and going onto another Season and it doesn't overwhelm the fans."

It's unclear whether the show will heed its fans' wishes, but even those calling for massive change still don't want to see All Stars discontinued. It's the perfect way to allow people to stay in touch with all their Drag Race favorites, and has become a beloved part of the franchise. For now, though, fans will have to keep an eye on VH1's announcements in the coming months — hopefully some nuggets of information about a renewal will be coming out before too long.