Sarah Silverman Is So Attached To Her Show, It's Bound To Return For Another Season


Sarah Silverman loves America, and she really, really wants you to know that. That's why she has worked with Funny or Die to create two seasons of her Hulu Original variety show, I Love You, America — to connect with "unlike-minded people" in a time that the country feels more divided than ever before. And what unites people more than a good laugh? The Season 2 finale, in which Silverman "gives thanks for our messed up country," according to Hulu, airs on November 15. So will I Love You, America return for Season 3?

Update: Hulu has canceled I Love You, America after two seasons, Silverman confirmed on Twitter.

Earlier: In each of the show's 21 episodes, Silverman interviews and converses with people who may not share the same political views as her, but who have something to offer in the larger conversation that continues to polarize much of the country. She's known for partaking in a hubbub of online discourse (just scroll through her Twitter page) that puts her in what many call Hollywood's "liberal bubble," but she's here to tell all of America that she's more interested in getting to know them on a personal level.

"To me the show is based on the tenets of Mr. Rogers," Silverman told the Los Angeles Times. "There isn't anyone you couldn't love once you've heard their story. And there is no one in the world that is qualified to be you but you ... these are things that America, and really most of the Western world, need to remember."

In the same interview, she went on to point out that through personal, anecdotal conversations, people have the ability to make connections, understand, change, and be changed.

"People's minds aren't changed with facts or figures or polls, which is a big surprise, right?" she said. "But they are changed with feelings. I think the biggest help of [understanding] this divided country is we're all in defensive mode, kind of like drowning. And when you're in survival mode you can't really thrive. So it's like everyone's porcupine needles are up and it's just impossible to be open in that state."

Silverman also shared that many of the people she has on the show have changed her beliefs, personally, which affected her more largely than she anticipated. But she's totally OK with it.

"I'm just so moved — I love being changed," she said. "I think that when you're a religion or a party or any kind of sect of people where part of being in that sect is shielding yourself from new information ... there's no growth in that, that's not living an examined life, and it's certainly not your potential best life. I don't have it all figured out, and obviously I'm wildly opinionated. I'm not always who I am on this show [or] who I am on Twitter. I'm trying to be mindful, and it's a practice."

And that's what I Love You, America, aside from garnering a laugh or two, aims to illicit from viewers — mindfulness. And doing so through comedy is something special that a platform like Hulu — and uncensored television streaming — creates opportunity for.

Hulu renewed the show for Season 2 in April, which means it could be spring before any news regarding a Season 3 is official. But whether or not another installment is on the way, there's definitely room in the country's heart for more.