Amazon's Latest Docuseries Is A Fascinating Deep Dive Into Spain's Soccer Craze

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Amazon Prime is continuing to expand its original series arsenal with Six Dreams. The docuseries follows six people who are involved with Spain’s La Liga soccer league in various capacities. But will Six Dreams return for Season 2 to tell more stories about professionals in the soccer world? It hasn’t been confirmed at this time, but the show’s content director Christopher Schneider hinted to Variety that a second season could be possible.

When asked why major teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona were left out of Six Dreams, Schneider said they could be featured if the series gets renewed for additional episodes. However, La Liga President Javier Tebas shot down this idea, saying the series is solely about La Liga and not the two giants who are already dominating the top spots in the industry.

It makes sense to focus on the lesser known aspects of the soccer world to make a documentary. It gives fans the chance to learn things they didn’t know previously and gives them a taste of what it is really like to work in the league. The Variety report also revealed that this will be the streaming service's first Spanish (and Spanish-language) series, so it looks like Amazon Prime is taking a page out of Netflix’s international programming playbook.

This series is definitely a must-see for anyone who loves soccer or simply wants to learn more about the inner workings of a league. The trailer shows the intensity of fans and the work these professionals put in, but it also humanizes the subjects of this film outside of being superstars and business people. But who are the six people featured in this documentary?

Here are some basic facts about the subjects of Six Dreams:

Saúl Ñíguez

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Ñíguez currently plays for Atletico Madrid, but he has been a Spanish soccer star since childhood, according to Sporteology. He started playing for the youth team of Real Madrid at the age of 13 and has become a well known central and defensive midfielder. His soccer roots run deep, with a father and two brothers who are also skilled in the sport. The documentary will presumably take a look into the work he puts in to play soccer at a high level.

Iñaki Williams

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The Athletic Bilbao player was born to Liberian parents in Basque, Spain. The 21-year-old became the team's first Black player when he joined in 2014 and he talks about what it means to make history in the documentary, per ESPN. Williams said he has faced discrimination because some people think he is “too dark” to be Basque, which is a requirement to join the squad. He hopes he has opened the doors for other Black people to play for Athletic in the future.

Andrés Guardado

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He’s a celebrated Mexican player who is currently a team member for Real Betis. Guardado has played in the World Cup four times, per El Pais, but can be spotted snapping Twitter photos with his son (and the Power Rangers) when he’s not on the field. There was speculation about him coming to play soccer in the U.S. but, as reported by Angels on Parade, his multi-million dollar deal with Real Betis in 2017 debunked those rumors.

Eduardo Berrizo

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The Six Dreams documentary also takes a look at soccer through the eyes of coaches and upper management. Before becoming the current coach/manager for Althelic Bilbao this year, Berrizo was a manager for Seville, per his Transfermarkt.com bio. Berrizo was a longtime player himself, with a career spanning from 1988-2006 with several teams.

Quique Carcel

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Carcel is also a manager who has been with Girona FC since 2014. According to his IMDb page, he made history as the first person to combine the figure of player and technical secretary in professional soccer while he was with Hospitalet. He’s going to be with Girona for a while — he signed a renewal contract in May 2018.

Amaia Gorostiza

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La Liga is undoubtedly dominated by men, but Gorostiza is a rare exception. Her IMDb bio reveals that she’s the president of SD Eibar, which is a football club in La Liga. The city of Eibar native has made this league formidable as they compete around the world. She comes from business savvy blood with a mom, Amaya Telleria, who founded a successful automotive group in the 1950s.

Six Dreams' future may be on the fence, but this season has so many interesting stories to follow. It remains to be seen how fans will react to the documentary, but perhaps it will lead to more observations about people who have dedicated their lives to one of the world’s biggest sports.