Here's Everything We Know About The Possibility Of A 'Summer of Rockets' Renewal


Set against the backdrop of 1950s Cold War Britain, the BBC Two series Summer of Rockets tells the story of Samuel Petrukhin — an ambitious inventor and designer who is assigned a secret mission by MI5, in which his skills are very much put to the test. The first season of the BBC drama is about to wrap up, but will Summer of Rockets return for a series 2? Here's everything we know so far.

As it stands there has been no announcement in regards to a second series of Summer of Rockets. I have reached out to the BBC for comment, and will update with any new information the minute it becomes available. According to the Express, the first series of Summer of Rockets was penned and directed by the multi-award-winning writer, Stephen Poliakoff, and is set throughout the summer of 1958 — which just so happened to be the height of the Cold War.

As reported by Variety, the BBC series is semi-autobiographical, and much of the show is set on the backdrop of true events, such as the UK's testing of its first hydrogen bomb. When discussing the historical setting of Summer of Rockets, executive producer Helen Flint previously described the series as being "hinged at the pivotal point of world history where the past and future are pulling in equal strength, and human beings, young and old, have little control over the eventual outcome."

According to the Radio Times, the cast of Summer of Rockets includes Keeley Hawes, Linus Roache, Mark Bonnar, Timothy Spall, Lucy Cohu, Gary Beadle, and more. However, the series centres around Samuel Petrukhin, who is portrayed by the Lost in Space actor, Toby Stephens. The character of Petrukhin is a Russian Jewish émigré, who works as an inventor and runs a factory that produces hearing aids. Samuel is on the brink of launching his revolutionary new invention, however, an encounter with some wealthy clientele leads to an exciting new business opportunity.

As mentioned previously, the series is written and created by Stephen Poliakoff, and according to iNews, the character of Samuel Petrukhin is based on Poliakoff’s real-life father, Alexander, who worked as an electrical engineer, inventor and entrepreneur. When speaking about family members who inspired elements of the show, Poliakoff told the Radio Times, "my father, along with my grandfather, provided Churchill’s hearing aids during his second premiership in the 50s and they were both suspected of bugging him. They didn’t, of course."


The first series Summer of Rockets has been a hit with TV critics, and currently holds an impressive 88 percent approval rating on the review aggregator website, Rotten Tomatoes. One review by Euan Ferguson for the Guardian described the series as "a genuine triumph," and judging by this level of critical reception, it appears that a second season of the BBC drama would be welcomed with open arms.

However, in the meantime, you can catch the series finale of Summer of Rockets season one tonight at 9 p.m. on BBC Two. You don't want to miss it.