Taraji P. Henson's Haircare Line Promises Healthy Scalps For Every Hair Type & Texture


Taraji P. Henson is a Hollywood legend best known for hits such as Empire and Hidden Figures. And the star is about to become even more once her brand new haircare line, TPH, hits shelves. The brand promises to cater to all hair types and to address issues the actor herself has encountered over the years. But will Taraji P. Henson's haircare be available in the UK? Here's everything you need to know.

As previously mentioned, TPH was born out of Henson's personal haircare struggles. However, as Allure explains, "[t]he collection wasn't made with a specific hair type in mind." Henson told Allure that "she created TPH hair for every texture, whether silky and stick-straight or fluffy, gravity-defying z-shaped zigzag strands."

This message is highlighted in the fact that there are four parts to TPH, all of which speak to a certain problem or concern. They are also colour coded to make it extra easy and straight forward; red is for repair, purple is for treatment stylers, and blue is for cleansing and care.

Then there are the yellow products, which are all about scalp care, and are probably the most important in the whole range. As Henson explains on her website, "a happy scalp is the start of healthy hair." And it sounds as though scalp-care was the real driver behind the range.

TPH by Taraji P. Henson

Speaking to Allure, Henson explained: "The first time I went to get the weave taken out, it smelled like mildew. I was so embarrassed. I was washing my hair, but wasn't drying the weft." This made her realise she had to find a way to take more care of her scalp over anything. "When you have a weave or an install, your hair is braided down, and then sometimes they sew a hair net down on top of that, and then they sew the hair tracks on top of that," she said. "My dilemma was how do I get to my scalp? How do I clean it? I didn't ever want that mildew smell again."

The scalp care products (of which there are four) have been designed perfectly, with applicators that can reach the scalp easily.

There are 18 products in total, and they are set to launch in the U.S. in Target stores on Jan. 29. I have reached out to Henson's reps to hear what the official line is, and they have commented: "[There's] nothing firm but the brand is exploring opportunities for international expansion in the very near future." Fingers crossed, because this line looks nothing short of amazing.

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