Will 'The Capture' Return For Series 2? The BBC Thriller Will Leave You Wanting More

BBC/Heyday Films/Parisa Taghizadeh

All great shows must come to an end, and tonight marks the last episode of BBC's gripping drama The Capture. For the past month, the series has had viewers contemplating whether what they've been watching is real, and how deep all the conspiracy, lies, and manipulation could go. But will The Capture return for series 2 to continue the drama that will inevitably unfold in its finale?

Much like Jed Mercurio's Bodyguard, The Capture's creator Ben Chanan has expertly crafted a thrilling story within a small number of episodes. However, there is a possibility that Bodyguard could be returning for a second series, as Mercurio confirmed this summer. As for The Capture's chance, Cosmopolitan points out, the first series "is reportedly a standalone six-parter, which wraps up nicely in the final episode."

For more clarification on this, I reached out to a rep for the show, who says that while "[t]here's no news at this early stage, everyone is delighted with the response to the series."

So it remains to be seen whether the series will continue beyond its first instalment. Although, executive producer Rosie Alison has hinted that The Capture could return for a second round. "There's definitely scope for another series, because by the end the possibilities are opened up even more," she told What's On TV. "We pose a big moral question that I think our audiences will have different perspectives on and there's room for this idea to go a lot further."

BBC/Heyday Films/Parisa Taghizadeh

Due to the narrative's focus on surveillance and how it can be manipulated, Shaun Emery (played by Callum Turner)'s story isn't an isolated incident. There are plenty of other cases out there similar to Emery's, waiting to be told. I mean, you've only got to look at the enormity of the CCTV monitoring rooms, speedy facial recognition, and other technologies at play to see that this isn't the first time foul play has seemingly been involved.

"[The Capture] is a worst case-scenario, albeit one that reflects real fears and concerns," Chanan told The Guardian. "We walk around every day with CCTV all around us. Video evidence is regularly used by the police and in courts and we're increasingly comfortable with that. We don't mind that Big Brother is watching." He continued:

"Yet what's interesting is how easy it might be to abuse that comfort. Because if software can take somebody's audio and sample it and make them say what we want, how can we ever entirely trust a police confession or any audio archive? If you then apply that to video evidence as well, what happens then?"

Whether or not The Capture will continue into a second series with Emery's story or present an entirely new set of circumstances remains to be seen. But at least tonight there will be some closure to the case... well, hopefully. I have a feeling that Chanan's going to leave this story on a tense cliffhanger, and I'm still going to be working out what the hell happened for weeks.

The Capture concludes on Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 9 p.m. on BBC One.