All Of The Celebs Who Could Be On 'The Chef Show' Season 2 — Including Beyoncé


Jon Favreau and Roy Choi first worked together on the 2014 film Chef, and now five years later, they've reunited for The Chef Show — a very different type of story, but with a similarly relaxed vibe. The Netflix series follows Choi and Favreau as they "explore food in and out of the kitchen with accomplished chefs and celebrity friends," according to is official description, which sounds simple enough. It has yet to be announced whether The Chef Show will return for Season 2 or if this is just a one-off passion project for Favreau and Choi. But while Netflix has been rapidly expanding its food-focused content (in the last two years alone, it's added Nailed It!, Samin Nosrat's Salt Fat Acid Heat and David Chang's Ugly Delicious, among others) The Chef Show does boast one thing the company's other programs don't: star power.

Sure, other food shows do feature notable celebrities, but The Chef Show is the only program on which you're going to see Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland sharing a plate of shellfish. Favreau's passion for food came after he spent over a decade as a director: he's responsible for kicking off the Marvel film universe as the director of Iron Man, in which he appears as Tony Stark's bodyguard Happy Hogan. As such, he has an impressive list of contacts that could appear on the show return should it return for another season. Here are just a few of the famous faces fans could anticipate from future episodes of The Chef Show.


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Favreau directed Beyoncé in the upcoming Lion King remake, so while they may not have worked together as closely as he has with Downey Jr. over the past decade, Favreau does have the means to get in contact with Queen B herself. And as we know from "Formation," the woman definitely loves food. Why else would you carry around hot sauce in your bag?

Will Ferrell

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Favreau's first major success as a director also served as a breakout film role for Saturday Night Live alum Will Ferrell. While most of Ferrell's most notable work was directed by Adam McKay, his performance in 2003's Elf was directed by Favreau. They haven't worked together in a while, but the promise of expertly crafted food could bring Ferrell back into Favreau's orbit.

The rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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The first season of The Chef Show is chock full of MCU alum, including Downey Jr., Holland, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Seeing as Favreau had a huge hand in bringing the MCU to life, it probably wouldn't take more than a few phone calls to get Mark Ruffalo or Chris Evans in the kitchen as well.

While the prospect of celebrities dropping by The Chef Show may add to the show's appeal, the passion and fun that Favreau and Choi bring to the kitchen will be reason enough for any food enthusiast with a Netflix subscription to tune in when the show hits Netflix June 7. And hopefully, when it comes back for Season 2, too.