‘The Collection’ Is In Stylish Company On TV

by Laura Rosenfeld

If you're looking for another gripping period drama to replace the void left by Mad Men after it finished up its run on AMC in 2015 (I have personally been searching since then), this new series may do just that. The Collection premieres on Amazon on Friday, Feb. 10, and it follows two brothers on their quest to build up their fashion house and help resuscitate Paris after World War II. This series seems to have everything you could ever want out of a period drama: exceptional acting, breathtaking scenes, and gorgeous costumes. So will The Collection return for Season 2?

Unfortunately, it's unclear if The Collection will live to see another season or if it's going out of style. It appears that Amazon has yet to officially announce whether or not the series will be returning for Season 2, which isn't uncommon for a show that hasn't even premiered yet.

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Working in The Collection's favor is the fact that it has already gotten some positive buzz from American as well as British media in anticipation of the series premiere for the U.K.'s Amazon Prime members last September. The Collection has received its fair share of lukewarm reviews too, but overall, the series seems to have the premise and the visuals to keep audiences intrigued for a long time.

We'll have to wait until we receive official word about the fate of The Collection from Amazon before we allow ourselves to get excited about a Season 2 or even start speculating about when a second season could bow. But if you're looking for some stylish programming to stream in the meantime, you should look no further than these sartorial series.

Ugly Betty

If you like The Collection, there's a good chance that you'll heart Ugly Betty since the creator of the new Amazon series also served as an executive producer of this America Ferrera-led show, which ran for four seasons on ABC and is available to stream on Hulu now. It may have seemed like this series set at a major fashion magazine was only concerned with the superficial, but Ugly Betty goes deep, showing that what a person wears is just as much about what's going on beneath the surface. Plus, Ferrera is brilliant in just about everything she does.

Lipstick Jungle

The same sentiment as the one expressed above applies here too since Goldstick also served as an executive producer for Lipstick Jungle. This is another stylish series whose drama will dazzle you as much as the costumes. The show, which is available to stream on Netflix, is all about surviving the media and fashion worlds in New York — with style!

Project Runway

If you're looking for a fashion-focused reality competition, Project Runway is pretty much top dog. There's really no better way to get a sense for what goes into the design and execution of couture than from watching this series, which has Season 7 through Season 13, as well as four seasons of its all-star edition, available to stream on Hulu now. Project Runway has made finding the next great designers and the future of fashion more accessible than ever.

The Fashion Fund

There's a show that's similar to Project Runway over on Amazon called The Fashion Fund. Season 3 of this series is available to stream, and if you do, you'll see 10 up-and-coming designers competing to win $400,000 and a mentorship. The participants have to impress the likes of Vogue editor Anna Wintour and legendary designer Diane Von Furstenberg, so they really have to work hard for the money, you know?

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Speaking of Wintour, a character in Netflix's Japanese language series Atelier seems to be inspired by the iconic Vogue editor, from her no-nonsense attitude to her signature bob haircut. Atelier follows what the show describes as a young "fabric geek" who snags a gig at an upscale Japanese lingerie company and has to learn how to navigate this cutthroat industry. At first glance, Atelier seems a little over-the-top, but if you give it a chance, you'll see that it actually has some thought-provoking ideas about what it means to be beautiful.

America's Next Top Model

I don't think I could write a story about stylish TV series without mentioning America's Next Top Model, which has Seasons 1 to 17 available to view on Hulu now. The series has become something of reality TV legend, thanks to Tyra Banks and the outrageous personalities and behavior of the contestants. However, the reality competition really does give you great insight into the world of fashion, allowing you to get to know its movers and shakers beyond just their designs or photography. And who knew that modeling was A, so difficult, and B, that a smize instantly makes any photo better.

If nothing else, these series will give you something stunning to look at while you wait to see if The Collection will return.