Will 'The Society' Return For Season 2? You Can Marathon These Other Netflix Teen Shows In The Meantime

Seacia Pavao/Netflix

Netflix's newest series, The Society, reimagines Lord of the Flies as a modern, mystery-fueled drama. It follows a group of high schoolers who are bussed away for a short field trip, only to return to find everyone else in their town has suddenly vanished. They must then band together to build a new civilization and figure out what happened. It's a premise with a lot of potential, and if The Society returns for Season 2, this story has an opportunity to push its source material even further.

Update: On July 9, 2019, Netflix announced that The Society Season 2 would return sometime in 2020.

In the first season alone, there's a lot of ground to cover: the basic woes of being a teen, the inevitable power struggles and barbarism that will emerge as resources grow scarce. Many of those themes are explored in the original book, but with both men and women thrown into the mix, things are bound to get even messier. Not to mention that in Lord of the Flies, they didn't have electricity or buildings. The setting alone opens up multiple seasons of story possibility.

At this point, it's too soon to tell if Netflix will renew the show for a second season. However, the streaming giant has been going hard with it's teen content as of late, and it's been working out pretty well for them. So while you wait for news about more Society, here are some other shows to add to your marathon.

Sex Education


While set firmly in the real world, the kids in this UK series set up their own sex clinic and become more responsible about their own sexual wellness than most adults.



This show is a classic fish-out-of-water story about three working class friends thrown into the world of the wealthy elite — but with a lot of drama, sex, and murder.



Like the kids on The Society, a normal teenage life is not in the cards for Sasha, a heart transplant recipient who becomes haunted by her donor.

On My Block


On My Block is at times charming, at times heartbreaking, and brings much-needed diversity to the YA landscape.

The Innocents


In this sleepy but addictive sci-fi series, teen independence comes in the form of two star-crossed lovers who run away from home to be together.

Stranger Things


Sure, this '80s-set favorite has plenty of adult characters, but we all know we're tuning in for the teens. Seeing them battle a new, other-dimensional monster each season has been delightful — as has seeing their stars rise.

Between these, The End of the F*cking World, Insatiable, 13 Reasons Why, Degrassi: Next Class, Derry Girls, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Everything Sucks, and so much more, there's a lot of YA goodness on Netflix. The Society is truly putting that teen angst to the test by removing adults from the equation, and will hopefully keep going past the first season. What if things never go back to normal? How do these kids go on? Fingers crossed a Season 2 will tell us exactly that.