‘Frozen 3’ Could Still Happen, Because Queen Elsa Can Always Make Things Colder

Frozen 2 officially premieres on Nov. 22, but some are already asking about the likelihood of a Frozen 3. Even though the sequel hasn't hit theaters just yet, thinking about the Frozen saga coming to an end is bittersweet. If the beloved Disney franchise is over for good, it will certainly be hard bidding sisters Anna and Elsa — not to mention Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven — farewell.

But, before fans prepare their official goodbyes, Jennifer Lee, writer and co-director of Frozen and Frozen 2, offered a glimmer of hope in a Yahoo Movies UK interview published Wednesday. "For me [finishing Frozen 2] felt final," she said before adding, "But we always say 'never say never.' I think what made this one special is that we'd both confessed that we didn’t want to leave this world. We naively just went into this because we love [the characters] and we could see more story."

As for Chris Buck, who directed and wrote both films with Lee, he echoed his partner's words in a September interview with Insider. "I mean, nothing ever closes the door," he said at the time. That said, at the 2019 D23 Expo in August, Buck noted that Frozen and Frozen 2 work together as one complete story, meaning there won't be any cliffhangers that will need resolving in a potential third movie.

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Despite Lee's small amount of optimism in her chat with Yahoo Movies UK, she told Insider in September that the Frozen door seemed to be closed for good. "That's how I feel right now," Lee said. "I'm tired." So, all in all, Lee and Buck haven't ruled out the possibility of a Frozen 3. But, even if Buck and Lee were to write another movie, they would also need the original cast on board.

Idina Menzel, who stars as Elsa, admitted to Yahoo Movies UK that she hasn't dealt with the finality of Frozen 2 yet, but she also didn't say whether or not she'd reprise Elsa for a third time. Jonathan Groff (Kristoff), meanwhile, told the outlet that he "genuinely felt sad" on the last day of recording. As for Josh Gad, he reflected on his role as Olaf by saying, "If I don’t ever play Olaf again, it will end up being one of the great parts of my life and one of the greatest joys and thrills to be able to have created a character that’s connected with so many people."

There's a strong connection to both films and the characters, but uncertainty remains around Frozen's future. If you ask Alfred Molina (he plays Anna and Elsa's late father in Frozen 2), Frozen 3 isn't happening. He told Variety in November at the Frozen 2 premiere, "I don’t think there will be a [Frozen] 3, that’s what I’ve heard but who knows? Those kinds of decisions are way above my pay grade." It's unclear what Frozen's future holds, but like Lee and Buck said, "never say never."