This New Amazon Show Already Sparked Controversy In The UK

Screenshot/Amazon Prime

After airing on UK network ITV under the title Strangers, White Dragon's first six episodes open to an international audience via Amazon on Feb. 8. The show's dramatic premise follows Professor Jonah Mulray, who bites off way more than he can chew when he travels to Hong Kong to investigate the death of his wife. The plot of the show eventually expands to include Hong Kong criminals and major corporate conspiracies, but will fans have to wait until Season 2 of White Dragon to get the answers to any lingering questions, or is White Dragon a one-and-done type of show?

While there's no official announcement that White Dragon will or won't come back for a second season, the show's star, John Simm, confirmed to Digital Spy that the Season 1 story is resolve by the sixth episode finale. "This series does have a conclusion," he said. "It would be strange to have something [else] happen to Jonah after the whole world of hell he goes through in this."

This seems to be a bit of a trend for the actor, who left Prey after one season so the show could focus on telling a new story and ruled out returning to ITV show Trauma after its first season. If he continues the pattern, it's safe to assume Simm won't be revisiting White Dragon, either, though that doesn't mean the series couldn't continue in a new direction.

That being said, White Dragon had a pretty divisive finale, so the cast and crew may just want to leave well enough alone. When the series finale aired on ITV in October 2018, fans' responses were split on Twitter, with some viewers declaring it was a satisfying finale, and others lamenting the eight weeks of their lives they'd spent watching that they will now never get back (ouch).

Spoilers for White Dragon. Furthermore, the show certainly won't be able to continue exploring the character of Xiaodong Xo unless they decide to make a White Dragon prequel, as the Season 1 finale revealed the villainous real estate tycoon committed suicide to avoid being arrested or having to face any consequences for his crimes. With the show's main villain dead and Mulray having completely uncovered the mysteries surrounding his late wife, there really isn't much story left to tell in White Dragon.

If the the show were to be green-lit for more episodes, the Daily Express reports it would likely air later in 2019, but that's in the UK. The first season wrapped in late October and is now hitting Amazon four months later, so you can expect roughly the same time frame for a potential second season to be made available for U.S. viewers.

In any event, if White Dragon doesn't return for Season 2, it may be for the best. The show certainly shook up television, but not in the right way. That's not to say you won't enjoy it — particularly since it's airing at a quickened pace, with six of its eight episodes dropping on Friday — but just that you should tread with caution.