Wine Memes For National Wine Day

by Chelsey Grasso

Have all of you (who are over the age of 21, of course) started tossing back the glasses of wine yet this National Wine Day? If so, then these 12 wine memes for National Wine Day, which is on May 25, are definitely going to make you laugh out loud. If not, they probably still will (though maybe not as much, because wine makes everything funnier). Why? Well, becaue these 12 memes are absolutely hilarious.

May 25 is officially National Wine Day, which means that you officially have a day to drink your favorite wine to your heart's content (responsibly, of course). Whether you're like red or wine wine (or even if you're a bubbly fan), May 25 is your day. Grab your co-workers, your besties, and your drinking buddies, because if there was ever a day to hit up a wine store, it's got to be this lovely Thursday afternoon.

You'll find all sorts of hilarious memes in this round-up, and the topics they cover range from boxed wine to wine tastings. Share the fun this National Wine Day by sharing these memes with all of your fellow wine drinkers. These memes will certainly get the glasses clinking and the corks twisting today, so consider them at your service. Cheers!

Hey, I'm not judging.

Nicely done.

Yeah, pretty much. It's so magical!

Listen to the cat on this one.

No one ever said there was a size cap on that "glass."

Wine doesn't really count as drinking, anyways.

Good man.

If it gets the job done, why not?

Or is it too much?

I think this is the secret to life.


Can the day get any better? Doubt it.

Images: Elisha Terada/Unsplash