These Winter Olympic Astrology Predictions Will Get You So Excited For The Games

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The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, are almost here. While you might have your picks for who you hope will take home a gold medal, there are actually models for predicting winners. And, Olympic predictions based on astrology might factor into which countries come out on top based on the alignment of planets during the winter games. Astrological Musings noted that the specific position of Saturn associated with epidemics present during the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics and the massive boycott of the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics are part of the reason for controversy at both events.

The 1980 boycott was a protest of the war in Afghanistan, and many athletes withdrew from the 2016 games because of the threat of the Zika virus. Saturn was in the same position both times. For the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics, Damon Ferguson, a psychic advisor with Beach Truth Readings, tells Bustle that the position of Neptune in Pisces is associated with the feet and podiatric flexibility. "Hence, this is a very important once-in-a-lifetime transit representing sports involving the feet. Though Neptune can be very tricky in that it also represents dreams and any non-physical perception, this planet must be grounded in practicality."

While astrology is always useful in preparing for the future, the formula most often used to predict Olympic medalists includes the population size of the country, the gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, and whether or not a country is the host of the Olympic games, according to an article in the Conversation. While it's unlikely that anyone can actually predict the outcome of any event, the study of patterns, including astrological patterns, can make some predictions more accurate than others.

"Unfortunately, outside of a laboratory experiment, in the real world, predicting events that result from a vast interplay of underlying factors becomes an exercise in probability and brings into play significant levels of uncertainty," Roman Oleh Yaworsky wrote on the website Astrology Horoscope Readings. "On the other hand, the advantage that astrology has in revealing patterns and tendencies, is that it shows how we tune to the world around us." Aside from using astrology to predict Olympic winners, if you dream about the Olympics, it means the energy of competition could be entering your life, according to Astrology Answers.

"You may be about to enter a competition. Or, you may be given the suggestion that entering a competition would assist you in your career or professional goals. Sometimes this symbol also symbolizes unity and the coming together of people." As far as this year's Winter Games go, Ferguson says the cosmos are in a favorable position for the 2018 Winter Olympic games, especially for people whose birth charts align with some aspect of Neptune in Pisces.

"Almost every Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony, except for Canada, was held under a Virgo Ascendant ruled by Mercury, a realistic planet responsible for giving a practical construct to Neptune’s foot agility, boosting athletes’ practical ability in their events," Ferguson explains, adding that the 2010 Vancouver games opening ceremony was the first to be held indoors and under a Capricorn Ascendant, ruled by Saturn, another realistic Earth planet of well-defined boundaries.

"[The] Winter Olympics provides the same backdrop of practicality (with Mercury ruled Virgo on its Ascendant) on an energetic level to support its athletes and the games," Ferguson says. "Those athletes who are well grounded within the Neptune in Pisces influence will be rewarded with coveted medals. That is, those with planets from their own birth charts in beneficial aspect (Sextile, Trine, etc.) to Neptune and/or involved constructively with the athletic physical planet Mars are likely to win."

He also notes that all skiing, skating, hockey, and jumping Olympic winter sports are directly related to Neptune and foot dexterity. It's unclear whether anyone is consulting astrology when deciding when the Olympic games will occur, but it seems that almost all of the winter games have taken place when the planets are in a favorable position for athletes to excel. Tune in this February to see the planets at work on your favorite athletes.