Winter Storm Stella Is Already Packing A Punch

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

After it doused the American midwest in snow on Monday, Winter Storm Stella's radar shows that it is rapidly making its way through the Northeast. Snow has already begun falling throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic region and will continue throughout the day, accumulating at a rapid pace.

According to Accuweather, snow has already fallen throughout much of the Northeast and snowfall will continue to gain intensity throughout the day, at times reaching rates of one to four inches per hour in locations along the Interstate 95 corridor. The Weather Channel reports that peak snowfall for New York City is expected from early Tuesday morning until late Tuesday morning, though lighter snow will likely continue throughout the afternoon. Peak snowfall for the Washington, D.C. area is expected early Tuesday morning and will be followed by lighter afternoon showers. For Boston, the height of the snow storm will likely arrive later in the day, with the highest precipitation levels occurring throughout the afternoon and evening.

Accuweather's latest predictions for total snowfall from Winter Storm Stella are still quite high. Meteorologists are saying to expect 1 to 2 feet of snow in Boston, New York, and the entire region between the two cities by the end of the day on Tuesday. They also believe that Philadelphia can expect up to a foot of snow and that the capital, Washington, D.C., can expect 4 to 8 inches.

As one can see, radar tracking of Winter Storm Stella is demonstrating that the storm is thus far turning out to be as massively impactful as predicted. Portions of eight states in the Northeast, including New York City, are currently under blizzard watches and many more in the mid-Atlantic region, including Washington, D.C., are under winter storm warnings. New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut have all declared snow emergencies and others will likely follow.

As a result, it is exceedingly important to exercise caution and remain vigilant if you are living in any one of the areas affected by Winter Storm Stella. You should seek to limit any unnecessary travel and stay off of the roads if possible. If you are walking outside, be sure to dress warmly and tread carefully, as heavy snow and high winds also make for treacherous pedestrian conditions. Furthermore, if you are planning on traveling by air to or from the Northeast today, be sure to check your flight status, as hundreds of flights have already been cancelled and very few airlines are proceeding with flights due to the storm.

Overall, Winter Storm Stella looks it will keep its promise and serve as winter's "last hurrah," closing out the season with a bang. Make sure to stay safe as you enjoy the wintery wonderland.