These "Won't Be Erased" Tweets Push Back On Trump's Supposed Plan To Redefine Gender

by Angela Chen
Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

When President Obama was in office, his administration eased the legal language on the definition of gender for federal programs. This language recognized gender mostly as a person's choice rather than the sex assigned at birth. But Trump could change all that; according to the New York Times, the president is considering tightening the definition of gender. In response on Twitter, "Won't Be Erased" tweets are standing up for transgender and non-binary Americans.

The reported plan would essentially take away federal recognition of trans and non-binary identities, New York Magazine's The Cut reported, with the Department of Health and Human Services only acknowledging the male and female sex for Title IX definitions of gender. The Trump administration would also narrow the definition of gender as a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth, The New York Times noted.

The potential change in the government's definition of gender could be catastrophic for more than 1 million people nationwide, who could have access to housing, health care, and other public services taken away, according to The Cut. Over the past several years, the issue of gender has led to legislative and policy battles, like transgender bathroom use and dormitory assignments.

As news of Trump's apparent plan to redefine gender spreads, trans and non-binary people, along with their allies, have begun to fight back with the hashtag #WontBeErased to advocate for their rights and access to public services.

It Bears Repeating

GLAAD, a media monitoring organization founded by people within the LGBT community in the media, only had one thing to say.

Taking Action

On the same day the New York Times report was published, GLAAD rallied against the Trump administration in New York City's Washington Square Park.

"Can't Define Us Out Of Existence"

The National Center for Transgender Equality saw Trump's reported plan as a direct attack. In response, they're hosting a "We Won't Be Erased - Rally for Trans Rights" rally at the White House on Monday. In the description for the rally, the group wrote, "President Trump has once again taken aim at transgender rights - join the National Center for Transgender Equality and partner organizations in front of the White House to tell the administration that we #WontBeErased."

To Living Their Truth

Angel Bismark Curiel, an actor on FX's Pose, spoke up in support of his fellow trans actors on the show. Pose, a dance musical that explores different scenes in New York, features the largest cast of transgender actors in series regular roles.

Fighting Back

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights is the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights coalition. On Sunday, the group made their stance clear.

Acknowledging And Advocating

An MTV host reacted to the report on Sunday, making his support of the transgender community clear while recognizing and advocating for their identities.

Marching For Trans Rights

The Women's March, a global protest and movement advocating for women's rights and progressive social change, joined in the hashtag, saying trans and gender nonconforming people cannot be "shut out of existence."

Retweeting Bernie Sanders

One of the most visible and well-known transgender actresses on television, Laverne Cox, retweeted Senator Bernie Sanders, who wrote that the "cruelty and bigotry of this administration truly has no limit," in reference to Trump's reported plan. She thanked the senator, adding additional hashtags of her own.

Making No Apologies

A correspondent, columnist, and trans-activist at Mic made it clear that the trans community isn't going anywhere.

Ready To Fight Back

The National Partnership for Women & Families released a statement on Sunday, saying Trump's reported plan is "an attempt to not only disenfranchise trans people but to enshrine 'Proud Boy' culture into law." The group made it clear they were ready to join others in fighting back.

The Trump administration has previously tried to block transgender people from serving in the military. If it does go through with redefining gender, The New York Times reported, the move would hit the hardest in excluding the population from civil rights protections. And though the president has not officially said anything yet, human rights organizations are already fighting tooth and nail to prevent that loss from happening.