This Site Is Selling Fake Lashes For $1 & It Is Glorious

Falsies are a great way to amp up your makeup look to the next level — but they can get costly sometimes. So, here's some great news — it turns out you can get false lashes for $1 thanks to a certain cult favorite beauty site, Shop Miss A. Quite a steal, right? I mean, sure, you can always save by cleaning off your falsies like beauty guru Huda Kattan, but you can save even more by nabbing a pair for a mere dollar.

Have you heard of Shop Miss A before? It's a beauty site where everything — including makeup pouches, brushes, eyeshadow palettes, and even hairbands — is sold for a dollar. And now, that includes their newly-launched line of fake eyelashes, which are sold under the site's exclusive AOA brand. Divided into three categories (Drama Squad, Glam Squad, and Natural Squad), the new lashes cover pretty much every falsie style you could ask for, from the hyper-thick-fringed Zoes, all the way down to the naturally wispy Keiras. Each style is a lot of fun in its own right, and one of the many benefits of the low price point is the fact that you can basically collect them all.

It's one of those beauty situations where there's basically no downside — because even if the lashes don't end up working out for you, you're only out a dollar. Heck, when you think about it, that's less than a quarter of the price of a fancy latte.

So, what do you think? Is it something you'll be looking into next time you're headed to a fake eyelash-worthy event? Those Olivia lashes look like they'd be absolutely perfect for your next summer wedding reception.

Courtesy Shop Miss A

Come on, even the movie star-esque names are adorable!