You Can Get Paid To Eat Pizza Hut, This Is Not A Drill

Jeff Schear/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you dream of the heavenly smells of melted mozzarella cheese and marinara dipped crust, your time has arrived. Say goodbye to breaking the bank over pizza (...with breadsticks and a cookie cake side order) deliveries and instead, get a shot at the job of your dreams: getting paid to eat Pizza Hut. According to FoodBeast, a UK-based product testing site called MyOffers is in search for pizza-lovers to become "secret diners" and get paid to eat and review items on the Pizza Hut menu as part of their Testers Keepers program. The description page explains that the two chosen reviewers will get roughly $160 to spend at the pizza chain.

How do you get in on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you ask? You apply through MyOffers to become a tester, complete the questions in the mini survey, and if you're chosen, the company will contact you via e-mail or telephone to send the product vouchers your way. The winners of the Pizza Hut testers gig will be contacted after August 31 — you still have time to whip up the best application you've ever written. "A delicious pick from the current menu is the Great Big Sharer, costs £27.95 (a little over $36) and includes a sharing pizza, two sides, two salads and dessert to share. You can even choose the pizza as half and half if you so wish," MyOffers commented on their Pizza Hut recommendations, probably making anyone who wasn't already sold on the opportunity scramble to apply immediately.

If you're one of the lucky winners (who I'd love to trade places with), you'll get the chance to kickstart your up-and-coming career as a food critic after your royal feast at Pizza Hut. Your review of the menu items (and maybe even some of the Instagram-worthy shots you take of the meal) you tasted will be published on MyOffer — don't be shocked if Jamie Oliver contacts you the next day and asks if you can come work on his staff. The MyOffers Pizza Hut deal is open to applicants who are over 18 years old and reside in the UK, and on an unrelated note, I'm packing my things and moving across the pond as we speak.

MyOffers' Testers Keepers program is seriously the jackpot for anyone who loves food and/or shopping (so, basically all of us). Along with the Pizza Hut tasting gig, the company offers test-and-keep opportunities at Victoria's Secret, Superdrug, River Island, and several trendy restaurants — they even have a program that gives applicants a chance to get their hands on a beautiful (and free) city bike, complete with a basket and all. Love cheesy pies but not a Pizza Hut person? Not to worry — MyOffers also has a Domino's test-and-keep offer going on right now. They're offering roughly $130 to Domino's fans who want to go undercover as secret diners to eat pizza on the house and review the meals on the website afterwards.

I'm on the hunt for a US equivalent to MyOffers right now because I think I've found my one true calling in life: getting paid to eat pizza.