You Can Now Shop This Cool LA Flea Market Without Leaving Your Home


There's something blissful about taking your time to walk through aisles of local crafts on a Saturday afternoon. Of course, getting there, finding parking, and squeezing in weekend errands on top of everything make leisurely perusing a bit of a fantasy. But PayPal’s mobile Local Selects marketplace makes it possible to browse the wares of California's talented merchants, all from the comfort of your couch.

If flea markets call to you like sirens, luring you to the thrill of the artisanal hunt, consider LA's Melrose Trading Post irresistible. This video will guide you through aisles of soy wax candles, eco-friendly sunglasses, and edible soaps (which you probably shouldn’t eat). The open-air market is full of everything from treat-yourself indulgences to clothes for the pup to that perfect birthday gift for your bestie who has everything.

And unlike your own town’s flea, which is probably only open every third Tuesday afternoon of the full moon, PayPal makes it easy to ride the high of a successful market trip any time you want. Check out the below to get a peek at some Local Selects highlights, and shop a few of our favorite picks from the mobile marketplace.

Luke Hobbs Design

Local Selects

The industrial and vintage-inspired lighting from this LA craftsman are definitely worth a browse.

Desert Moon

Local Selects

Vanessa Cotto's vision for handmade accessories is "free spirit with a twist of celestial vibes."

Abbey Fox

Local Selects

This line of clothing, "a staple at LA flea markets," offers a vintage-inspired take on fashion.

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