Watch 'The Bachelor's Krystal In Action In These Free Workout Videos

by Alexis Reliford
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Season 22 of The Bachelor (editors: Amy Barbour, Debra Light) is well underway with 18 women still competing for the heart of Arie Luyendyk Jr. Among those ladies is The Bachelor contestant and fitness coach Krystal. She moved to the west coast in 2012 and worked as a trainer at Orange Theory in San Diego before coming onto the show. But for fans who don’t want to travel across the country to get toned with her, you can watch Krystal’s workout videos online.

According to her Orangetheory staff profile, Krystal is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM MMA Conditioning Specialist, and sculpt yoga instructor. She frequently posts behind-the-scenes photos of her sweat sessions and short workout videos on her Instagram page, @coachkrystal.

Originally Krystal was on track to be a journalist, but after a few less-than-stellar work experiences she jumped ship to fitness. "I always liked fitness, but was never sure I would do it professionally," Krystal said in an interview with FitLiveTV. "It was just fun, something that was a really nice release to help bring me focus when I was in school and [allowed me] to take time for myself." But the change in careers proved to be a perfect one for Krystal. In her Bachelor bio Q&A, the contestant said her greatest achievement to date had been "finding my purpose as a health and fitness coach. I LOVE what I do for work."

And thank the technology gods for making it possible to work out without leaving the comfort of your own apartment or home. A sweep of the web uncovered some, beginner-friendly, at-home workout tutorials by Krystal, perfect for any Bachelor who are curious what Krystal's job is like. She basically has a work out for every style of training. Or, hey, just watch to see more of what Krystal's whole deal is. No need to complete any of the videos yourself if you don't want to.

Cardio Time

Krystal loves a high intensity interval training workout. This one is nine minutes long. Per her instructions in the video, she recommends introducing cardio into your fit plan is three circuits of two exercises with a 10-second rest period in between.

Leg Day

If you're tired of your legs throbbing after climbing up one flight of stairs like me, then this leg strengthening workout may be the one for you. Done to what Krystal describes as an "epic hip hop beat," the workout is two circuits that each containing four exercises, with a 10-second rest period between. This 15-minute video also includes a bonus round of squat pulses. Before digging into this workout, the fitness coach recommends first performing a 5-10 minute warm-up session of your choice.

Arms And Abs

Krystal's 16 minutes of total body work here has an emphasis on chest, triceps, and abs. This routine is two circuits containing six exercises worked at max effort for 30 seconds, and repeated once according to Krystal's description.

If these videos didn't convince you, it seems that Krystal is very good at her job. One of Krystal's former Orangetheory students took to a blog to praise the fitness coach and her training expertise. “Krystal is also SUPER motivating. If she sees me slowing down in the corner of her eye, she makes sure to announce the only thing holding us back is our minds,” the student wrote. Normally working out with a YouTube video might not be as great as having a trainer right there in front of you. But if these videos are anything like Krystal's motivating classes, then fitness fanatics are in for a treat.