Boohoo Is Selling Human & Dog Matching Xmas Jumpers So You Can Twin-gle All The Way

Melissa Ross/Stocksy

There's no Christmas tradition quite so precious as attempting to decorate your beloved pets, whether with an oversized Santa hat on the head or a swathe of tinsel around the collar. But if you're tired of improvising, and ready to officially immerse your pup in the Christmas spirit, look no further: you and your dog can wear matching Christmas jumpers this year, thanks to a new range released by Boohoo. Will any festive Instagram photo be quite so adorably coordinated as yours?

Boohoo offers two Christmas jumpers for dogs with an almost exact match for their humans: the "Snoopy Fairisle Christmas Dog Jumper," currently on sale at £8 (standard price £12), which neatly matches the "Reindeer & Snowflake Christmas Jumper" and the more longline "Reindeer Fairisle Christmas Jumper," both on sale at £14. There's also the "Muscle Fit Reindeer Fairisle Christmas Jumper" from the men's line (though there's really no reason for clothes to be gendered), selling at the similarly discounted price of £12.

Looking for a more specific festive reference, or own a dog with a strong commitment to Macaulay Culkin? Plump for the "Lassie Merry Xmas Ya Filthy Animal Dog Jumper," also selling for the discounted price of £8 (usual price £12). And yes, there's matching garments for the owners, available in multiple colours should you have a particular creative vision for your family ensemble: one from the women's line, and one from the men's.


Here's the snag: both the aforementioned dog jumpers are currently out of stock, no doubt thanks to the slight internet storm they've triggered. I've contacted Boohoo to find out whether they'll be restocked and haven't yet received a reply, but it seems fair to assume they will be — after all, demand's been pretty darn high.

Boohoo aren't the first to release a range of matching Christmas jumpers for dogs and their owners: as the Independent reports, Aldi beat them to it last year, releasing coordinating jumpers for pets, adults, and children. And there's an equivalent range this year: the "Blue Christmas Fair Isle Pet Jumper," retailing at £4.99, matches the "Kids' Fair Isle Christmas Jumper" at £5.99 and the "Men's Fair Isle Christmas Jumper" at £7.99. There's a red version too, with a matching item in the children's and women's ranges. Or, if you're looking to go all out, there's a "Christmas Elf Pet Jumper," with corresponding jumpers in the women's, men's, and children's ranges. They're available to pre-order now, with an anticipated release date of December 2.

Allow me to leave you, friends, with a story. As I was writing, I found myself wondering why similar matching garments weren't readily available to doting cat owners, such as myself. And then I remembered the first time my cats met my adorable niece, during which said niece attempted to gently place a tiny Santa hat on one cat's head. Ever since then, the cats have disappeared from the building at the mere sound of my niece crossing the threshold, resorting to screaming and cowering atop a wardrobe should she succeed in finding them. And that, dear readers, is probably why I can't wear a matching Christmas jumper with my cat.