You'll Kick Yourself For Not Buying These 39 Extremely Useful Amazon Products Sooner

You order a product, wait for it to come in the mail, and open the package once it lands on your front stoop. Then, one of two things happens: a) you use it once and then stuff in the back of your closet where you'll never see it again, or b) you actually use it all the time. And all these useful products on Amazon? They fall into that latter category.

There's a catch, though: each one of these products will fill you with a certain amount of regret. No, not the "buyer's remorse" kind of regret, but the "why-didn't-I-buy-this-sooner" kind of regret. For example, there's a chiller for coffee that just might have you counting up the money you could have saved if you hadn't spent it on iced coffee at the coffee shop. And there's a wine glass holder for your bathtub that will force you to come to terms with all the subpar, wine-free baths you've taken in your life.

Okay, I'm not here to make you feel bad about things you can't change — so I'll just go ahead let you click through for a ton of useful products that won't end up in the back of your closet.


This Broom And Dustpan That Are A Step Above The Rest

This broom has a few tweaks to it that make it so much better than other brooms. The short, 90-degree bristles are electrostatic-charged — which means they more effectively attract dust and pet hair so you don't have to sweep twice. And when you step on the foot-operated dustpan, it creates a tight seal with the floor, so that all the debris goes into the pan without leaving a line of dust and crumbs behind. Last but not least? The dustpan's built-in "comb cleaner" swipes any leftover debris from the broom's bristles.


A Foot Massage Roller With Cooling Gel

Whether you dance, run, work on your feet, or struggle with chronic foot pain, this foot massager is for you. Rolling your feet along the massager will relax muscles and stimulate pressure points where inflammation may have taken hold. The removable roller is filled with a cooling gel — so keep it in the freezer, then use it to bring down swelling.


A Shoe Organizer That Fits Right Over Your Door

Are your shoes always piled on top of each other on the floor of your closet? Use this over-the-door shoe organizer to clear up that clutter and keep your shoes in better shape. The pockets are made with transparent mesh, which gives your kicks plenty of breathing space (and less shoe odor), and they're roomy enough to accommodate ankle boots and high heels. The organizer is outfitted with 24 pockets, so you'll have space for 12 pairs of shoes.


This Butter Spreader That Actually Spreads Butter Evenly

Stick half a stick of butter into this butter spreader, then go go town buttering pans, toast, and corn on the cob. As the butter gets used up, simply press on the bottom part of the dispenser to release more. The curved dispenser spreads butter more evenly than butter knives, and the snap-on cap makes storage easy.


These Cedar Shoe Insoles That Keep Foot Odor At Bay

Fend off foot odor with these natural cedar insoles. The insoles feature a layer of stabilizing and sweat-absorbing cotton to keep shoes and feet dry, while perforations along the insoles maximize air flow and breathability. Worried the insoles will be stiff and uncomfortable? They're not. In fact, this reviewer writes, "They are so thin I barely notice them," and that "the cedar is delightfully soft." Plus, what can beat the light, woodsy scent of cedar?


This Posture Corrector That Helps You Stop Slouching

You're no slouch — but if you have incorrect posture, you might just be giving off the wrong impression. Wear this posture support belt around your lower back for 15 minutes to retrain your body to sit and stand up straight. The belt features two straps that loop around your knees, creating a gentle tension with the belt itself. This tension aligns your spine, brings it into the proper position, and forces you to engage your core — so you have the muscles to sit up straight even when you're not wearing it.


A Slicer That Makes Cutting Up A Watermelon Easy

Cutting up a watermelon is no small task, but this windmill cutter makes it a cinch (and a little more fun, too). Just quarter a watermelon, then run the cutter across the surface of the fruit, where the rotating, windmill-like blades will slice through to create perfectly uniform watermelon cubes. The BPA-free, dishwasher-safe cutter features rounded edges and non-sharp blades, so it's even safe for kids to use.


This Gadget That Chills Your Coffee In 60 Seconds Flat

Love an iced coffee, but don't like the way all those ice cubes water the coffee down? Use this beverage chiller instead. Just fill the inner, stainless steel chambers of the chiller with water and keep it in your freezer. When you're ready to use it, pour a hot, freshly-brewed cup of java into into the chiller to cool it down in just 60 seconds — without diluting it. It's also perfect for chilling, white wine, rosé, and whiskey.


This Solution That Removes Calluses Fast

Put this callus remover to work and you'll be ready to sport those strappy sandals in no time. After soaking feet, apply the gel solution to tough calluses and dry, thickened skin, and wait for three to five minutes. Then, wipe away the excess solution, and buff to reveal a new layer of soft, smooth, totally sandal-worthy feet. This reviewer writes: "This stuff made a world of difference and will save me from paying for pedicures."


A Waffle Maker That Requires A Lot Less Clean-Up

Your Saturday morning waffle routine can get messy once that batter starts dripping off the side of the waffle iron and all over your countertop. Use this ingenious Belgian waffle maker instead. It features a little moat around the entire perimeter of the iron, catching excess batter before it has a chance to drip out. Twelve adjustable shade selections let you choose between dark and crispy waffles or light and soft waffles, and the non-stick plates are easy to clean — just wipe it down with a damp cloth.


A Useful Fly Trap That's Completely Non-Toxic

Has your backyard (or worse — your home) become a magnet for flies and other pesky insects? Use this non-toxic fly trap to reclaim your yard and enjoy backyard hangs again. Just add a little water to the bag, and hang it on a tree branch or balcony railing. Attracted by the bait, insects will enter the trap through the top yellow cap, then drown in the water. The trap catches up to 20,000 flies, and is completely disposable when done.


A Wall-Mounted Holder For Your Toothbrushes And Toiletries

Seriously free up bathroom counter space with this wall-mounted toothbrush holder. The holder has space for hanging nine standard toothbrushes or six electric toothbrushes. The three spacious compartments in back are perfect for storing toothpaste, combs, razors, and sunscreen. Best of all, the holder comes with three cups — use them to rinse after brushing, then store them over your toothbrush heads to protect the bristles from any airborne bacteria.


This Clever Way To Store Spices On Your Kitchen Cupboard Doors

These spice clip strips are such a clever way to store your spices without taking up a lot of space. The strips adhere to the inside of your cupboard doors, where the adjustable clips grip jars of all shapes and sizes. The clip strips are also a great way to display spices, so you can actually find the marjoram or thyme when you need it. The set of three strips can accommodate up to 12 jars, too.


These Aromatherapy Inhalers That Help Boost Your Concentration

Keep one of these aromatherapy inhalers in your pocket at all times, and inhale deeply anytime you need a quick boost of clear thinking. Made with a blend of menthol and peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils, the inhalers improve mental focus, increase energy, stimulate the immune system, and enhance breathing. Each set of inhalers comes with three all-natural flavors: berry breeze, tropical rush, and cinna-mint.


This Totally Adjustable And Extendable Cutlery Tray

Squeezed for kitchen storage space? This adjustable cutlery tray is for you. The compact tray extends between 9 and 13 inches, so you can tailor it to fit smaller kitchen drawers, or extend it to accommodate more silverware. It's perfect for both big kitchens and galley-style kitchens.


These Odor-Eliminating Sticks That Are Great For Smelly Gym Shoes

This Shark Tank-approved odor eliminator is the most powerful way to get the unwanted smells out of shoes, work gloves, sports equipment, and gym bags. It's constructed from an anti-microbial plastic that inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria. The replaceable inserts inside the cylinders work to absorb moisture and prevent further bacterial growth. The odor eliminator is effective for up to 10 years, and this reviewer says, "These totally work! My daughter runs cross country and you can't get much worse than the smell of cross country shoes after they have run through wet grass! They take a few days ... but they did pull the stink out!"


This Full-Length Bath Pillow That's Oh-So-Luxurious

This full body bath pillow will take bath night to new heights of luxury. The multi-layered, quilted pillow features 3-D air mesh technology that will make it feel like you're lying on a cloud. The 4-foot long pillow features a built-in headrest for head and neck support, so you can soak in the bath as long as you want without getting stiff or sore. Non-slip suction cups keep the pillow from sliding around, and a hanging loop lets you air-dry it quickly.


A Cheese Board That Folds Up For Smarter Storage

The design of this cheese board is pure magic. The wedge-shaped board has three tiers tucked away like Russian dolls — pull them all out to create a 13-inch diameter, multi-level board that'll have plenty of space for your cheddar, gouda, and Humboldt fog. The hidden compartment on the bottom even holds a cheese knife and charcuterie fork. The board is made from eco-sustainable bamboo, and when you're not using it, you can simply fold it back into a compact wedge for storage.


A Balance Board That'll Help You Increase Core Strength

I dare you to try and keep your balance on this balance board. Okay, no judgment if you can't — but practicing can majorly strengthen your core, improve your balance, and enhance your posture. The wooden board features a non-slip surface, and it rotates 360-degrees and tilts 15 degrees. After you've learned to keep your balance on it, you can add it as an extra element of challenge when you're doing squats, lunges, or push-ups.


An Insulated Cooler Backpack That's Perfect For Hikes And Picnics

Sling this insulated cooler backpack over your shoulders before you set out for a hike, and your water, wine, and egg salad sandwich will still be perfectly chilled when you reach your lunch spot. The backpack features a padded back and shoulder straps, one large leak-proof and insulated compartment, and multiple smaller pockets and pouches for keys, sunscreen, umbrellas, and granola bars.


These Body Wipes That's A Shower Without The Shower

Keep these body cleaning wipes in your gym bag for those occasions when you don't have time to shower between yoga class and meeting your best friend for dinner. The wipes are soaked in witch hazel, plus skin-nourishing aloe vera and vitamin E — swipe them across your skin to remove dirt, oil, sweat, and unwanted odors. Each wipe is extra-thick and durable, so you only need one to get your entire body clean. These are also great for freshening up on camping trips or during airport layovers.


These Water Shoes That Protect Your Feet From Rocks And Coral

If you've ever sliced your toe on a bit of coral, you know how badly it stings. Keep toes safe in the ocean — and elsewhere — with these water sport shoes. The shoes slip on your feet like a pair of comfortable, waterproof socks, and feature textured, rubber bottoms that protect feet from rocks, hot waterpark sidewalks, and more. The shoes are available in dozens of solid and patterned colors. (Leopard print, anyone?)


This Makeup Brush Cleaner That Also Condition The Bristles

This makeup brush cleaner gently rids your brushes of oil, residue, and bacteria — things you definitely don't want to be brushing back onto your face every time you apply foundation or eyeshadow. It also uses neem extract to soften and condition bristles, significantly extending the life of your makeup brushes. It's safe to use with both natural and synthetic brushes, and you can use it with sponges, too.


These Wall Hooks That Hold Up To 13 Pounds Of Weight

These budge-proof wall hooks hold up to 13 pounds of weight and can be used on all kinds of surfaces like wood, tile, ceramic, metal, and plastic. They attach to the wall with just adhesive — but they won't damage surfaces or leave residue behind when you remove them. Use them in the bathroom to hang loofahs and towels, or use them in the kitchen to hang oven mitts and kitchen tools.


This Honest-To-Goodness Portable Campfire

A portable campfire is something that actually exists, and it's a game-changer for those of us who missed the how-to-build-a-fire day in Girl Scouts. Made from recycled paper briquettes and soy wax, the portable campfire burns for up to three hours, and when you want to put it out, all you have to do is place the lid back on. It's windproof and ember-free, and small enough to stash in your backpack (when it's not burning, of course). Bring this along on your next camping trip or beach bonfire hang.


A Single-Use Coffee Maker You Can Take With You Anywhere

This single cup coffee maker is affordable and portable (yes, that rhymes), so you can use it at home or at work. Just fill the the reservoir with hot water (or stick it in the microwave) and place the coffee pack in the base. Attach the reservoir to the base, and pump with your hand a few times to instantly brew a cup of java directly into your mug. It's great for an afternoon pick-me-up.


A Kit That'll Help You Start Your Very Own Unique Vegetable Garden

Skip the chaos of the farmers market, and grow your very own veggies at home with this veggie growing kit. The kit comes with everything you need to get going: starter growing pots, peat blocks, plant markers, and seeds for five unique vegetables: purple carrots, yellow courgettes, striped tomatoes, red Brussels sprouts, and Swiss chard. This reviewer writes: "My thumb turned green when I found this kit. It has easy to follow directions and all the supplies I needed. Wonderful kit for others that are interested in gardening, but can't keep a house plant alive."


This Spinning Brush That's Perfect For Outdoor Cleaning Jobs

You can use this clever wheel brush to clean the wheels of your car, patio furniture, or grill. Just attach the brush to a garden hose and turn on the water — the water pressure will spin the brush head, giving you tons of scrubbing power. It comes with two interchangeable brush heads: a softer brush for delicate surfaces, and a stiffer brush for stuck-on dirt and grime.


A Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grill That Makes Searing A Cinch

Cast iron retains and distributes heat more evenly than other metals, so you get more consistent results when searing, sautéeing, and frying. This cast iron grill is pre-seasoned with 100 percent pure vegetable oil, so you can make delicious steaks, burgers, and veggies right off the bat. The 10.5-inch grill feature ribs that elevate food and collect drippings, so it's also a great option if you're cooking food that tends to give off a lot of fat or juice.


This Wine Tumbler With A Lid So You Can Drink In The Backyard

Pour some rosé into this stemless wine tumbler and head out to the backyard to watch the sun set. Double-walled stainless steel insulation keeps your wine chilled for hours (in case you like to savor your sips), and the push-seal lid keeps spills at bay. The BPA-free tumbler is dishwasher-safe and comes in colors like mint green, berry pink, ocean blue, and black. Use it for hot beverages too.


A Facial Steamer That's Releases A Super-Fine Mist

This nano ionic facial steamer releases smaller water particles than most steamers, so it more effectively penetrates your skin and opens up pores. A UV light sanitizes the water before it comes out, so you don't have to worry about germs getting anywhere near your face, and the steamer comes with five blackhead extractors, so you can give yourself a complete at-home facial. Use the steamer to clear sinuses and soothe sore throats too.


A Wine Glass Holder Specifically Meant For The Bathtub

Keep your vino right by your side — even in the bathtub — with this bath and shower cup holder. It attaches easily to your tub or shower wall with a suction cup and holds up to 7 pounds, so you don't have to worry about it budging if you pour yourself an extra-large glass. IPA's more your speed? No problem — it holds cans of beer too.


A Fabric Stain Guard That Will Seriously Save Your Couch From Spills

Spritz a little of this liquid-repelling fabric stain guard on your sofa, and you won't have to freak out the next time you tip over a mug of coffee or glass of wine. The water-based formula is clear and odorless, so it won't leave behind any chemical residue or scent. This reviewer writes: "Holy heavens, this stuff is amazing. No sooner had we finished cleaning our rug, when I dropped a tumbler of iced tea. Much to my surprise and shocked delight, the ice tea just sat on top of the rug like a lake and a few microfiber cloths dropped into the lake of tea soaked everything right up."


This Foot Scrubber That You Can Use In The Shower

This shower foot scrubber won't just get your feet squeaky clean — it'll also massage and exfoliate them. The scrubber features longer bristles on the front end that are specifically designed to reach between your toes, and non-slip rubber grips on the bottom keep the mat from sliding around while you scrub. Choose from four colors: blue, pink, gray, or clear.


A Drawstring Cosmetics Bag That Keeps Everything Organized

This color-blocked cosmetics bag features multiple inner pockets that keep all your makeup and toiletries upright and easy to find. The waterproof bag is lined with shock-proof cotton to keep glass bottles and jars safe, and a drawstring closure makes it easy to pack up and throw in your suitcase. The bag also comes with a smaller, zippered pouch that's perfect for jewelry, clips, and hair ties.


A Bamboo Bath Caddy So You Have Everything Within Arm's Reach While You Soak

The built-in tablet holder on this bath caddy is perfect for nights when you want to catch up on your favorite show while you soak. A built-in cup holder is just right for a glass of wine, and there's even space for a candle, soap, and loofah. The caddy is made from sustainable bamboo and extends between 27 and 41 inches, so it'll fit tubs of most sizes.


An Inflatable Lantern That's Solar-Rechargeable

Light up the night with this inflatable lantern. When collapsed, it's about the size of a small book, but inflates into a full-size lantern that gives off up to 18 hours of warm light on one charge. The lantern is both USB and solar-rechargeable, and five brightness settings let you choose the amount of illumination. Use this to light up your campsite or nighttime backyard hang, or keep it around in case of power outages.


This Tool That Helps You Trim Your Hair With Precision

Trimming your own hair can be a challenge, but this hair cutting tool makes it a lot easier. Just clip it onto your hair to secure it in place, and use the built-in level to ensure you're trimming straight across (or diagonally, if that's more your thing). This is perfect for giving yourself a quick bang trim in-between trips to the stylist.


This Collapsible Electric Kettle You Can Pack In Your Suitcase

Pack this collapsible travel kettle in your suitcase and you'll be ready to make a pot of Earl Grey no matter where your travels take you — just fill with water and plug in. The dual-voltage kettle is made with lightweight silicone, so it won't add any unnecessary weight to your luggage. Use it for pour-over coffee and oatmeal too.

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