This Pawsome Comp Could Make Your Dog The Pet Influencer They Were Destined To Be

Happy ginger mixed breed dog in luxurious bright colors scandinavian style bedroom with king-size be...

If you have personally dismissed the influencer life, have you stopped to consider your dog? Thousands of pet influencers exist on Instagram and one hotel company is offering your dog the chance to join them. So if your pooch has caught the travel bug and wants to explore the world, here's their chance to become a canine hotel critic. is looking for a furry friend to try out 10 incredibly dog-friendly hotels. Your dog — and you, naturally — will be allowed to pick any eligible hotel and lap up the luxury. To commemorate the occasion and in response to a 62 percent increase in pet-friendly hotel reviews over the past two years, has launched a Best for Pets category in its annual awards.

“We love our pets more than we love our other half at times, so it’s no surprise that we’ve seen a huge increase in travellers wanting to take their furry plus one on holiday with them," the company's senior director and general manager EMEA told The Sun.

“At, we want to make sure you find the paw-fect place to check into, so we’re excited to add a Best for Pets category to our Loved by Guests awards – but it doesn’t stop there. Our hunt for a canine critic is our way of ensuring our pet friendly hotels really are up to ‘scratch’ with a four-legged expert’s ‘paw of approval.'"

Influencer Dolly Pawton — who already boasts almost 150,000 Instagram followers has taken the time out of her busy schedule to show prospective pooches how it's done. Miniature dressing gowns, gourmet meals, and a luxurious poolside spot? The dream.

To enter your canine pal, all you have to do is take a super adorable or hilariously funny photo and upload it to Instagram. Follow the @hotelsdotcom account, tag them in the photo, and don't forget to include the hashtag #CanineCritic. You can also caption your pic with a line or two on why your dog deserves to see the world.

Entries must have been submitted by 11:59 p.m. on August 25. One winner will be notified by September 19 via direct message and gifted 10 hotel vouchers worth up to £157 each. (If you want to spend more than this on one hotel, you'll have to make up the rest of the cost yourself.) Full terms and conditions can be found here.

As well as getting yourself ready for the travels of a lifetime, you'll need to make sure your dog is fit to travel too. Currently, UK-based dogs can travel to anywhere in the European Union without the need for some alone time in quarantine. This may change post-Brexit, so keep an eye on the official government guidelines for up-to-date rules.

But any EU-bound canine will require a pet passport issued by a registered vet. Eligible dogs, according to animal charity Blue Cross, will need to be at least 12 weeks old, be microchipped, have up-to-date vaccinations (including a rabies jab), and a tapeworm treatment between 24 and 120 hours before re-entering the UK. Your vet can advise you of any other health risks.

Ensuring that your journey remains stress-free for your pet is also super important. If travelling by plane, most airlines require dogs to be placed in the cargo hold. Some ferries require dogs to remain in the car alone for the duration of the crossing. Research the best way to get your pet to where you want to go. This, states Blue Cross, is often a transport method that allows your dog to stay with you or in a suitable kennel on board.

Canine critic sounds fun for you and your dog, but being a responsible owner should always be your top priority. Owner of a relaxed, travel-safe dog? Get gramming.