Your Nipples Can Help You Find Your Perfect Lip Shade

Ashley Batz/Bustle

You probably think you've heard all the lipstick tips by now. Look at your veins to figure out if you're a warm or cool tone. Swatch the color on your wrist. Use the at-home try-on app. But there's a new trick that might just be the most foolproof yet. According to the TV show The Doctors, your perfect lipstick shade is the color of your nipples. Yes, you read that right. Online makeup buying just got a lot easier, my friends.

From the cult-classic MAC Velvet Teddy to Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Meringue, there are tons of different nude lipsticks out there. It seems like almost every day there are more being added to the beauty world too. But choosing the right one just got a lot easier. According to The Doctors, all you have to do is look at your nipple. The reasoning, PopSugar reported, is that your areola color is actually the same as your top lip, so it the color will match exactly. Who knew!

While I don't suggest whipping out a nip in the middle of Sephora, this is pretty genius. Especially when it comes to online shopping. It can be hard to find the right shade through the screen, but now you can just sneak a peek at the ladies before you buy.

Naturally, people instantly started testing the theory. According to Twitter, this tip is actually pretty helpful. While some people see it as purely hilarious, others are dubbing it the truest makeup tip yet.

Don't nip-view and drive.

Tried and true!

There you have it!

Next time you see someone look down their shirt, you'll know.

Shout out to Kylie Cosmetics.

Prepare yourself, people.

People have been doing it without even trying!

This might sound like the craziest makeup tip ever, but it could just be the most spot-on buying trick ever.