Youth To The People's New Mini Kit Is Adorable

by Jessica Thomas
Courtesy of Youth to the People

There's something about using natural skin care products that just makes you feel good, and it's even better when those products come in mini sizes so you can take them wherever you go. Case in point: Youth to the People's Youth Duo Mini Kit which recently launched on in January. I was pumped that this ingredient-focused skin care company made its products perfect for traveling — just in time for spring break!

I don't know about you, but when I travel and can't carry my favorite products, I often turn to cheap drugstore options or — in a pinch — the toiletries in my hotel. That usually means using products that don't remove my makeup properly, and I always wind up coming home with my skin looking worse than when I left. So when companies create travel-sized (and TSA-approved) versions of the products I love, I'm always quick to purchase.

When I saw Youth to the People announced the release of two of their most popular products in mini sizes, I perked up. Youth to the People creates its products from antioxidant rich ingredients that more often wind up on your dining table than on your face — kale, green tea, and spinach are some of the products' powerhouse ingredients. The mini kit is a Sephora exclusive, and who can honestly resist the mini products at Sephora? Not me, and probably not you.

How cute are the mini sizes of these products? Adorable, right? They fit into a dopp kit perfectly. What's more is that they're unisex — whether you're traveling with your significant other or your family members, everyone will be asking to use it.

Courtesy of Youth to the People

Youth to the People Cleanser + Cream Youth Duo Mini, $20, Sephora

Included in the kit is the age prevention gel cleanser and age prevention moisture cream.

When sold together, these two products go for $75.60 normally, so this $20 set is also the perfect way to test out Youth to the People without committing to the full-size set. It's one of my favorite ways to discover new beauty products, but I have a feeling you'll want the full sizes of these after as well.