This Pair Of Denim Underwear Is Perfect For Coachella & Absolutely Nowhere Else

Each year the length of short shorts rise, until one day the hems will disappear altogether and turn into underwear. Don't laugh, it's true. Y/Project created $315 denim underwear, and it's perfect for festivals and nowhere else. The high end label debuted the cheek-hugging panties during Y/Project's SS19 show during Paris Fashion Week. The show was full of reinvented pieces. Take for example the pair of wide pants that transformed into a maxi skirt at the back. Or the baggy gray sweatshirt with the sweetheart neckline cutout. It's all unexpected and refashioned, and these denim panties are just Y/Project's latest experiment.

On the runway, the hip-bone skimming underwear walked down the catwalk paired with a '70s-inspired striped knit shirt. Short-sleeve and playing with yellow and black colors, the shirt helped to balance the impossible high hem of the shorts. Which means, of course, that Y/Project wants its shoppers to wear these bottoms out and about town. They're not actual underwear, but bottoms you choose to pair with the blouses hanging in your closet. You have to admit, there's a defiant feel about them.

The panties-slash-shorts also have pockets, which is more than we can say about most pieces designed for women. So even though they don't cover all that much, the denim panties can store your cell phone and wallet without any trouble. There are even belt loops, letting you accent your outfit with your favorite belt.

The denim panties retail for $315. The jean shorts made it onto shoppers' radars when Ssense posted about them on Instagram. "Two words: Denim panties," Ssense captioned. "The Ssense editors show you five ways to take your Canadian tuxedo to the next level."

The comments underneath the post were split. Half of the followers promised that "this wasn't it," while the other half tagged friends and asked if they should invest in a pair to wear to bars this summer.

The denim panties discovery has since made its way to Twitter, where users have had some hilarious opinions about the style. "How do I feel about $300 denim panties, you ask?" one Twitter user wrote. "Well I’ll tell you how I feel. Utterly and thoroughly chafed."

Beauty guru James Charles even joined into the conversation, but he was all for it come festival season. "We feel Coachella 2019 ladies," Charles posted.

Others ingeniously pointed out that you could pair the denim panties with the clear plastic jeans that came out last year. It would be a denim trend mashup, and the two almost seem made for each other.

Y/Project is no where near retiring the denim panties. The label marched down a new collection of briefs in its AW19 show, introducing new washes. When the panty is styled with sheer tights and some bulky layers, it actually looks like high-cut shorts. Which makes it a little more accessible and comfortable.

Whether you want to wear a pair of your own or just enjoy it from afar, you have to admit that denim panties are definitely inventive. Fashion is all about experimenting, and these briefs have pushed limits.