Zara's Black Friday Sale Will Only Last During The Morning So You'll Have To Act Quick


Black Friday is right around the corner, and news of discount codes and massive sales are flooding in. Everyone's favorite stores are slashing their prices for select hours or for handful of days, depending on how generous they're feeling towards their customers. But one store is staying stubbornly quiet about how much they are going to lower their prices by, keeping their fans on edge — Zara.

Famous for their effortlessly chic style and modern trends, the store is staying tight lipped on how much they will slash their prices for the big shopping holiday. So what we can we expect for Zara's Black Friday? Chances are we won't find out until Thanksgiving or the actual day of, but we can still speculate based off what the store offered last year. In 2016 and 2015, Zara offered a storewide sale for a few short hours on Black Friday morning for 30 percent off. Rather than starting on Thanksgiving evening or extending the sale throughout the whole weekend like some other popular stores, Zara makes it a habit to skip the mad midnight rush and instead offer their price reductions just for the morning.

The good news, though, is that the sale will be both online and in store, letting you shop how you like to best. If you love the adrenaline that comes with racing a crowd through the sales floor and digging through racks heaped with the hottest trends, have at it. If you prefer to do your shopping by scrolling through a tablet and drinking cider on your couch, that's totally an option, too.

To get you excited about the upcoming Black Friday sale, check out some picks from their new winter collection. These all could be yours — and on a discount.

Fringed Jumpsuit

Fringed Jumpsuit, $90, Zara

Get your party on with this sassy jumpsuit. It's like a flapper dress just reinvented for 2017. With long straps that run low on the back and flirty fringe that sways with every step, this is a perfect piece for the holiday months coming up.

Oversized Jacquard Sweater

Oversized Jacquard Sweater, $60, Zara

Everyone has minimalist knits that match with just about any pair of jeans or dresses that you throw at them. But if you're looking for a piece with a little more personality, this oversized jacquard sweater could be the thing. With its oblong, puffy sleeves and cocoon shape, it creates an interesting silhouette when paired with a midi or pants. Its Icelandic design adds a wintery but still high-fashion feel, especially when paired with an unexpected party mini with a little shimmer to it.

Two-Tone Sequined Dress

Two-Tone Sequined Dress, $70, Zara

Channel your inner mermaid with this sparkly shift. Featuring two-toned sequins, it changes from a sea green to a vivid purple, giving you a mythical and fairy tale like feel. And, bonus, it has long sleeves so it's perfect for the upcoming winter weather.

Diamond-Patterned Velvet Dress

Diamond-Patterned Velvet Dress, $30, Zara

For those that love a baggy shift, this velvet silver dress is perfect. Pair it with thigh high boots or liquid leggings for a little more texture and layering.

Quilted Velvet Jacket

Quilted Velvet Jacket, $149, Zara

Quilted jackets are a staple during the winter, but they're usually waterproof and in a sensible black or grey color. For those that want to mix it up a bit and break outside of the mold, this quilted velvet jacket is perfect. Coming in a rich cranberry color, the hue and texture is super lux and festive. It's perfect for the holiday season, and will stand out from the sea of black coats that are so typical during this time of year.

Let's hope Zara comes in clutch with the 30 percent off customers know and love.