Zoë Kravitz Got Engaged Months Ago & The Proposal Sounds So Sweet

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This Big Little Lies star has been keeping a big little secret. On Monday, Zoë Kravitz revealed her engagement to Karl Glusman, and the proposal sounds so perfect. According to Rolling Stone, Kravitz and Glusman have been engaged since February, after approximately a year and a half of dating. Glusman, who is also an actor, wanted to do an elaborate proposal abroad in Paris, but work derailed the travel plans.

Instead, he popped the question in the couple's living room, reportedly lighting candles and putting on Kravitz's favorite singer, Nina Simone, to set the mood. In the interview, she said that she didn't know the moment was coming. "I was in sweatpants," she said. "I think I was a little drunk. I could feel his heart beating so fast I was like, ‘Baby, are you OK?’ I was actually worried about him!”

The proposal might not have gone down abroad as Glusman planned, but the star thought the moment was perfect. According to Rolling Stone, Kravitz wouldn't have had the proposal happen any other way. "He nailed it,” she told the magazine. “And I love that it wasn’t this elaborate plan in Paris. It was at home, in sweatpants." The star also noted that her fiancé picked out the perfect ring, and it seems like the proposal ended up being super special.

Kravitz kept the engagement secret for almost a year, but opened up when the Rolling Stone reporter noticed the engagement ring on her finger. "Oh yeah, I’m engaged,” Kravitz said. “I haven’t told anyone yet. I mean, I haven’t told the world. I wanted to keep it private." The proposal might have been under wraps, but Kravitz and Glusman all but confirmed the relationship in 2016 after being spotted holding hands in New York City.

Glusman is also an actor, with roles in films like Nocturnal Animals, Love, and The Neon Demon. According to the Rolling Stone profile, the two met at a bar with mutual friends. The meeting was almost a set-up, since Glusman had a crush from a distance, but was too nervous to talk to her. The couple started dating soon after, and moved in together. In the interview, Kravitz spoke highly of their relationship. "I can be my weirdest self around him,” Kravitz said. “It’s so relaxing to be around someone where you can be a hundred percent how you feel.”

The proposal isn't the first time Kravitz has shared a relationship update publicly. In 2017, the couple attended the Emmy Awards and celebrated their one-year anniversary on social media. Kravitz shared a picture of the two on the red carpet, writing: "Best date ever. Happy 1 year Karl Glusman...I'm crazy about you kid." Glusman also shared a celebratory selfie to mark the occasion, writing: "1 YEAR STRONG."

In addition to opening up about the relationship in the interview Kravitz posed for a cover that paid homage to her mother Lisa Bonet's iconic photoshoot for the magazine. In 1988, Bonet posed nude for the magazine while two months pregnant with Kravitz.

On Instagram, Glusman posted a supportive message about the cover. "My Love, my hero, best friend and greatest inspiration. You’re so f*cking cool Zoe Kravitz. Still pinching myself daily... THAT’S MY LADY!!!" Kravitz also shared a picture of the cover on Instagram, posting it alongside the original image featuring her mother. The caption read, "Life Imitates Art."

This couple seems to have such a supportive relationship overall, and it's clear they will be in it for the long haul. Kravitz had a breakout couple of years in her career taking on a variety of roles in projects from Big Little Lies to Divergent, but it's clearly been an eventful time in her personal life as well. She may have kept the proposal private, but now that the secret is out, fans might receive more wedding updates in the near future.