Zombie Flamingo Lawn Decorations Are Here Just In Time For Halloween


Halloween is still a couple months away, but if you're ready to get in the festive spirit — or are just always in a spooky mood, no matter the season — there's a lawn decoration just for you. As noted by House Beautiful, there are a variety of zombie flamingo lawn ornaments on the market. Wondering what the heck a zombie flamingo lawn ornament is? It's basically a lawn flamingo that, instead of being pink, is usually black and features the flamingo's skeleton. Creepy!

If you have a yard and are looking to decorate it for Halloween, then zombie flamingos could be a good option. These scary lawn ornaments aren't so new — CNET reported on them turning your lawn into a "yardpocalypse" in 2015 — but they still are less common than the usual pumpkins and fake gravestones. There is still a chance that you could become known as the flamingo zombie person of your neighborhood. Who wouldn't want that?!

And the flamingos don't just have to be for October. It's not like pink flamingo lawn decorations have to be just for one time of year, so put out those zombie flamingos in August. No one's stopping you. Heck, mix some zombie flamingos and pink ones together. The sight of them alone forms an, at first funny, but soon unsettling narrative.

Here are some of the many zombie flamingos out there:

Zombie Flamingos With Teeth

This set of two zombie flamingos from Ace Hardware really appear to be more like vampire flamingos. Look at those teeth!

Skeleton Flamingos

These "skelamingos" aren't really zombies, either. Like, this whole zombie flamingo thing really begs the question: What would make a flamingo most appear to be a zombie? Tattered clothes? Blood dripping off of their faces? ...Is that too much?

Zombie Gnomes With Flamingo

The owner of this Etsy shop that makes zombie gnome yard decorations has an answer for "Is that too much?" And the answer is, "No, it's not too much too include blood when it comes to zombie-themed yard decor. Here, purchase this painted concrete depiction of gnomes turning a flamingo into a zombie."

Black & Red Flamingo

Moving on to a subtler take, this red and black "goth" flamingo is another Etsy find.

More Detailed Skeleton Flamingo

This one is a stunning reminder that birds really are like dinosaurs walking amongst us.

Classic Halloween Flamingos

These ones aren't so zombie-like, but they do come in a set of one orange and one black flamingo, which is very Halloween. Compared to all the other, they're pretty cute.

While there are, clearly, a lot of Halloween-themed flamingos out there, another option is to make your own. If you already have pink flamingos or can get some secondhand, all you would have to do is decorate them to be more spooky. Whatever you do, if you choose to go the zombie flamingo route, get ready for a reaction from your neighbors.