Zooey Deschanel Has A Bob Now & She Looks Completely Different

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Zooey Deschanel's blunt bangs and long layers have been her trademark for years, almost like Marilyn Monroe's platinum crop or Cindy Crawford's mole. From throwing her curls up into a ribbon in 500 Days of Summer to wearing her rib-skimming curls loose on New Girl, the actress has been rocking the same locks for years now, and it's almost inconceivable to think of her in a new style. But the time has come. Zooey Deschanel got a bob, and she looks completely different now.

With a new calendar year comes an itch to change up your look, and it looks like that is exactly what Deschanel did with her drastic cut. Rather than opting for a small trim, or sheering off a couple of inches for a collarbone-grazing lob, she instead went all in and hacked it off to around her chin. She kept her signature bangs with the style, though, and the end result looks both retro and feminine when paired with Deschanel's aesthetic.

While it might seem late in January to get the urge to change up one's look for the new year, she actually got the style weeks ago and just remembered to post the change onto Instagram to share with her followers. In the caption she wrote, "Meant to post this weeks ago: thanks @mararoszak for my big time hair cut!"

Mara Roszak is a celebrity hairstylist who has an appointment book filled with stars like Brie Larson, Cara Delevingne, and the long-time-bob-wearer, Emma Stone. Seeing how each of those actresses have drastically different styles, from pixie cuts to medium-length cuts, he doesn't limit himself to just one specialty.

The great thing about Deschanel's bob is that it matches her personality. While some bobs tend to look flapper-esque with their rounded ends, and some lobs are blunt and sharp, Deschanel's has almost a vintage-inspired character to it. Her bangs are no longer heavy and blunt, but piece-y and light. As for the bob itself, it hangs loosely above her shoulders with an unmade look to it, where the ends curl both in and out, giving it a natural quality. The new chop is a testament to just how versatile the bob haircut is, and how you can work it to fit a bevvy of different personalities and aesthetics.

To give you an idea just how different she looks now, here is the actress on a New Girl panel discussion at the 2018 Winter TCA Tour back in Jan. 4. A couple of days later, and all that length was — poof! — gone.

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Such a transformation.

Her followers were shocked over the change on Instagram, but they were super supportive. Some couldn't believe she took the plunge, where one person commented, "I’m... speechless..." Others loved that she kept her trademark fringe, writing, "But you still kept those famous bangs."

Many gave her a huge thumbs up, writing things like, "It looks so good on you!" and "It is a big, big hair cut! But you look so cute!!"

Then there were some that were inspired with the hack and started wondering if they should get a bob, too. Sometimes haircuts are contagious, and if you see one person wearing it you want to go off and do it yourself. "Obsessed. Should I️ do this?" one follower wrote, tagging a friend. "Guess I better go get my haircut," another resignedly shared, probably already imagining how they'll look in the style.

Who knows how many more bobs and lobs Deschanel will inspire his winter season?