The 28 Most Significant Period Moments In TV & Movie History

Menstruation is normal, but depicting it onscreen has been unfortunately taboo. From 'Carrie' to 'black-ish,' here are 28 of the most important period moments onscreen.

November 1976

Carrie is bullied for getting her period in the school shower

The movie's iconic massacre could perhaps have been avoided if Carrie's classmates hadn't tormented her for getting her period in the shower. This scene, while revolutionary for existing, also contributed to the stigma around period blood, suggesting it's something to be afraid of or disgusted by.

June 1978

Rizzo "skips" her period in Grease

Although they don't talk about it in too much detail, Rizzo tells Marty in Grease that she has "skipped" her period, indicating that she might be pregnant.

July 1980

Emmeline thinks she's wounded on Blue Lagoon

When two shipwrecked teenagers played by Brooke Shields and Christopher Atikins are left to figure things out for themselves on a deserted island, there's a bit of confusion when Shields' Emmeline discovers she's mysteriously bleeding. Luckily, it's just her period.

February 1989

Darlene worries about playing sports and having her period on Roseanne

As a tomboy who loves sports, Darlene is understandably worried that her period will affect her ability to play. Thankfully, her parents explain to her that she can still do all the "things boys do" even if she's menstruating.

November 1990

Rudy gets her period on The Cosby Show

When Rudy gets her period for the first time, Clair is set on having a "women's only day" to bond with her daughter. Instead, Rudy relies on her friends for information and solidarity, only to end up coming back to her mom at the end of the episode, having learned that sometimes moms really do know best.

January 1991

Blossom gets her period and wishes Clair Huxtable was her mom

After getting her period for the first time, Blossom struggles to talk to her dad and yearns for her mom. She even dreams of waking up to Clair Huxtable being there for her, just in case you were wondering how iconic that Cosby Show episode really was.

November 1991

Vada freaks out about her period on My Girl

In this classic coming of age movie, Vada (Anna Chlumsky) gets her period for the first time and is convinced that she's hemorrhaging. Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays her dad's girlfriend Shelly, sits her down to have "the talk" and convinces her that she's not dying.

January 1994

Dylan McKay's step-sister gets her period while surfing on 90210

Luke Perry's Dylan takes his little step-sister Erica out surfing on Beverly Hills: 90210 only to have to cut the outing short when she gets her period. Not knowing what to do (and because there were never any adults around otherwise), Dylan takes her to Casa Walsh, where Cindy gives her all the support she needs.

August 1996

Lucy gets her period on 7th Heaven

In what just might be one of the most cringe-worthy and unrealistic series premieres of all time, Lucy's father gets weepy and congratulates her for getting her period. Later, he goes out to mark the occasion by buying tampons for her and then takes the whole family out to dinner to celebrate her "becoming a woman." Watch at your own risk.

July 2001

Sharon gets her period during "The Worst Date Ever" on Braceface

Alden calls an ambulance for Sharon because she thinks her menstrual cramps are appendicitis (same) while they're out rollerblading on a date. She's embarrassed about the incident at first, until her friends tell her that it's NBD.