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Poet & Model Elle Sanchez Shows How She Makes These Classic adidas Her Own

By Kate Marin

For NYC-based poet, model, and creative Elle Sanchez, clothing is just one of the many mediums through which she explores her artistic energy. “I think style is a language and an art form,” she says. “This is my art form and my art form is constantly changing.” Whether it’s an oversized, DIY-inspired outfit or a more feminine dressy look, Sanchez’s style choices are inspired by the decades that shaped her youth, the passions that guided her to where she is today, and of course, what makes her feel best. “Wear whatever makes you happy,” she advises. “It’s no one’s business but your own.”

In partnership with adidas Originals, Sanchez imagined three signature looks, all styled with a pair of her favorite adidas classics. Using pieces that transition with her personal wardrobe from season to season, Sanchez demonstrates styling as her form of art and celebrates the versatility and timeless nature of a few great pairs of sneakers.


Much like the poetry she writes, Sanchez’s style is fluid and freeform, which is why this oversized look is one of her favorites. “I like anything baggy that makes me look formless,” she explains. Every piece in this look also happens to be made by hand by Sanchez’s good friends, like these Valelives denim jeans and Olivia Oblanc denim jacket (as for the tank, Sanchez DIY’d it herself). “These pants are really, really long for no reason, but it looks cool because they added this extra part on the bottom that makes it stackable, which I love,” she says. “[This brand] tie-dye[s] their own pants and they are all one of one. They are made to order, so obviously they put their effort and their love into each pair. That’s extremely important to me and I feel like I’m wearing love.”

But aside from how it looks, comfort is also a major factor, especially as an on-the-go creative with little time for mid-day outfit changes. “It’s a really relaxed look, and personally, I try to make sure that with my outfits, that I try to be comfortable,” she says. “Comfort and sustainability are a major thing for me.” Paired with adidas Originals Stan Smiths, the blue look gets a hit of green from the sneakers. “I thought the color pop looked really cool because it had this little detail,” says Sanchez. “I think minor details matter in an outfit.”


This look combines a few of Sanchez’s favorite trends — metallics, matching sets, oversized fits, and chain accessories. “I think matching sets will never go out of style,” she says. “They’re visually appealing to the eye and fun to wear!” After trying on this look, Sanchez added a couple chains around the waist to secure the silhouette. “I used to wear chunky belts, but recently I’ve been wearing my chains as belts,” she says. “Just random chains — and it’s so easy to make them, too!”

Paired with adidas Torsion Comp sneakers, this dress becomes more uniquely Sanchez’s. The size information that’s usually found on the internal tag in the shoe is instead printed on the outside of the tongue — a modern detail that’s subtle, but all the more interesting. “I like things that are unexpected,” she says. “The design is really different and unique.”


A monochromatic look (although it may feel like a statement) is one of the easiest, most timeless outfits that can be tailored to every season and style. “This outfit is something that I can wear any season, any time,” she says. “And that’s important for all of my outfits. I like having my clothes be something that I can wear at any occasion just because I’m comfortable wearing it.” From her head to her adidas Originals Continental 80s, the look is bold, effortless, and completely wearable.

This all-white ensemble is one of Sanchez’s favorites because she discovered the pants in a thrift store and the strappy harness accessory was gifted to her by up-and-coming designer Rezjiuls. “I don’t really see a lot of people wearing the things that I’m wearing,” she says — and that’s a good thing. “I perceive myself as someone who is unique and not ordinary. I’m very open-minded and fluid, so I want my clothes to reflect that.”

Photo: Lauren Perlstein; Makeup: Tiffany Patton; Hair: Akihisa Yamaguchi; Art Direction: Hannah Chua/BDG; Creative Lead: Molly Kugelmann/BDG; Branded Fashion Lead: Jenna Wexler/BDG; Branded Fashion Editor: Elly Ayres/BDG; Production: Nancy Valev/BDG