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WHAT IS VOCHILL VoChill is a new brand based in Austin, TX that has created the first and only tabletop wine glass chiller. It is truly effective and will actively preserve the chill in a glass of white, rosé or sparkling for approximately 1.5hrs indoors and for up to 45mins in the shaded outdoor heat. It will also bring a room temperature red down to cellar temp in about 10mins bringing out the wine’s best characteristics. HOW DOES IT WORK VoChill is easy to use. The top portion, called the Chill Cradle, is separable from the stand and is the part that you store in your freezer for a minimum of 3hrs. When you’re ready for a glass of wine, remove the Chill Cradle from the freezer, attach it to the stand with a reliable magnetic connection, place your stemmed wine glass in VoChill, pour your chilled wine (or a room temp red) and let your glass rest in VoChill between sips to preserve the chill. Then simply lift your glass out to enjoy! WHY VOCHILL Central to the wine experience is your glass. It allows you to enjoy your wine – to see its color, to concentrate its aromas to your nose, and to direct its taste across your palate. VoChill is designed to accentuate your stemmed wine glass while adding the critical component of temperature control – resulting in the perfect wine experience. No ice or tumbler is required. It’s just you and your glass with nothing added. WHICH GLASSES DOES VOCHILL ACCOMMODATE VoChill is designed to pair with most standard stemware with a maximum bowl size of 3.75” in diameter and a maximum stem length of 4.5in. For best performance, we recommend using a crystal glass and one where the bowl of the glass has the most surface contact with the Chill Cradle. Bordeaux-style and Universal wine glasses are typically great fits. MADE IN THE USA. DESIGNED IN AUSTIN, TX. GLASSWARE NOT INCLUDED. Country of Origin: USA

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