Alison Syrett

Alison Syrett is a freelance fashion writer and editor who enjoys the occasional professional detour into the worlds of beauty, parenting, and travel. Most recently, she held the deputy fashion editor position at TZR, where she managed style- and industry-related features for the site. Her bylines also include features in InStyle — she spent six years writing for the magazine’s now-defunct print arm — as well as Teen Vogue, Condé Nast Traveller, Lucky, Glamour, and more.

When she’s not reporting her next story or churning out copy, Alison can likely be found sweating out her stress in an SLT pilates class or debating whether she really needs that third cup of coffee today (the answer is always yes). She lives in Brooklyn's Park Slope neighborhood with her husband and two daughters. You can follow her escapades and get updates on latest work on Instagram under the handle @alisonsyrettcleary.