AnaMaria Glavan

AnaMaria Glavan is a writer and content strategist. She covers beauty, fashion, and travel, and has been contributing to Bustle’s lifestyle vertical since 2022.

After interning at Rolling Stone, Good Housekeeping, and Nylon, AnaMaria graduated from Fordham University with a degree in Communications & Media Studies. She was a staff writer and editor at BuzzFeed for six years and was one of the founding members of their shopping vertical. Her work has appeared in Allure, Nylon, Rolling Stone, Fodor’s Travel, and InStyle. She was the recipient of the Ed2020 Trust Fund, a scholarship meant for extraordinary intern work in the media field.

When she’s not scrolling through TikTok and saving recipes she’ll never recreate, AnaMaria’s interests include long walks, listening to murder podcasts, staring at her dog, and starting (but almost never finishing) new TV shows. She’s an avid traveler with an ever-increasing bucket list. Her dream destinations include Japan, New Zealand, and South Africa. Her favorite cities are Tucson, New Orleans, Madeira, Palermo, and Aswan.

She’s a native New Yorker and rarely shuts up about it, though she spends her summers with family in Croatia. For more examples of her work, visit And for mediocre selfies and an excess amount of dog content, follow her on Instagram at @anamariaglavan.


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