Genevieve Wheeler

Genevieve Wheeler (she/her) is a former writer for Elite Daily’s Dating team, where she covered relationships, single life, sexuality, and celebrity couples (including those connected to the British royal family). Now a freelance writer for Elite Daily and Bustle, she loves writing about the impact of relationships on mental health (and vice-versa!) and sharing anecdotes from her adventures dating abroad.

Outside of BDG, Genevieve's bylines have appeared in Cosmopolitan, VICE, Vogue Business, Teen Vogue, Mashable, POPSUGAR, and more, with her work and words cited in The New York Times, Vox, the BBC World Service, Cheddar News, Jezebel, and beyond. In addition to writing, Genevieve has held a number of communications-focused roles at advertising and advertising technology-focused companies. She has an MA in Marketing Communications from the University of Westminster in London and a BA in Advertising from Boston University.

Genevieve is currently based in London, where you can usually find her petting strangers’ dogs at various parks and writing on her couch. She is also the author of Adelaide, a novel about the ups and downs of dating, published by St. Martin’s Press in April 2023. For more on Genevieve’s past work and bookish updates, visit her website, connect with her on LinkedIn at, or follow her on Instagram at @geewheeler.

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