Harriet Kean

Harriet Kean is a freelance journalist who specialises in reported features, investigative stories about women’s issues and think pieces on internet trends. Harriet graduated from Edinburgh University with a Master’s in English Literature, then moved to London to become a journalist. She has previously worked at Dazed & Confused, The Evening Standard and Grazia Magazine, where she was Junior Editor for two years. Since September, she has been freelancing for publications such as CNN, Tatler (where she interviews eccentric aristos) and You Magazine. When she is not writing from her flat in East London, she can be found swimming at London Fields lido (even in January) or trying to master ‘downward dog’ in a yoga class - despite years of trying, her heels still don’t touch the floor. You can follow Harriet on Twitter @harrietkean and learn more about her work at https://harrietkean.wordpress.com.


“I Became Wrapped Up In My Online Identity”: The Highs & Lows Of Social Media Activism

Gina Martin, Mikeala Loach, and four other activists discuss what it’s really like to try and create change online.

By Harriet Kean