Madison San Miguel

Madison San Miguel is a freelance beauty and fashion writer based in New York City, covering everything from Tiktok beauty trends she finds, juicy celebrity news, and fashion week highlights of her favorite designers. She especially loves giving product reviews (and will most likely revamp your skin care routine), commerce writing, and everything else related to beauty.

A recent graduate in Journalism from New York University, Madison has been covering beauty and fashion since she was a freshman in college, beginning with her school newspaper. Besides Elite Daily, her work has been published in Bustle, V Magazine, VMan, Modern Luxury, Travel + Leisure, TripSavvy, and InStyle. She is also in the process of getting her Master’s degree in Journalism at NYU, with a concentration in Magazine and Digital Storytelling.

When she isn’t writing, Madison is either reading skin care reviews on Sephora, painting portraits, wine tasting with friends, collecting postcards, or idolizing Stevie Nicks. You can connect with and follow Madison on Instagram at @mxdisonsm.

Bright Eyes

I Tried The Viral “3-Dot” TikTok Under-Eye Hack

Um, my dark circles disappeared.

By Madison San Miguel