Maria Santa Poggi

Maria Santa Poggi is a freelance journalist that writes lifestyle pieces for Bustle, including coverage that details the latest online trends and the trials and tribulations of dating in the current online hellscape.

She also covers fashion, culture, and music. Her work has appeared in Vogue, Teen Vogue, Paper, i-d, Rolling Stones, InStyle, Dazed, Nylon, and Harper’s Bazaar, amongst other publications.

She graduated from Marymount Manhattan College, with a Major in English Literature and a concentration in Creative Writing. Currently, she is an MFA candidate at Sarah Lawrence College for poetry. She has interned at A Public Space, and has served as a reader for numerous literary magazines over the years. Her writing can be found in The Coachella Review, Into The Void, Maudlin House, OxMag, and Bridge Eight Press. She is working on her debut poetry collection.

She has had a crush on Vince Vaughn since middle school, and she most definitely has written a notes app poem about you in the bathroom. She lives with a rescue tabby named Jay-Z, and is not yet at the appropriate life stage to own a dog. But her ultimate dream is to be the parent of a spotted weiner dog and name her Jane Fonda. When stressed she impulsively buys knick-knacks and thrifts; don’t let her near street corners of abandoned art and furniture (she will bring whatever treasure she finds home and become emotionally attached).

Her instagram is @mariasantapoggi, don’t be social media shy! She loves making new internet friends to share and exchange memes with (the modern equivalent writing of love notes).