Morgan Sullivan

Morgan Sullivan is a Philadelphia-based freelance contributor with Bustle, where she writes about everything from fashion and beauty to lifestyle and relationships. (See also: If you want to read advice on whether or not to text your ex, she’s your girl.)

She graduated from Temple University with a BA in Media & Communications. While in college, Morgan helped create the first woman's lifestyle magazine — REFINE — which was nationally awarded by the Society of Professional Journalists. She has previous journalism experience with publications such as The Cut, ELLE, Elite Daily, Cosmopolitan, and more. She covers everything from celebrity profiles and deep dives into internet subcultures, to buzzy fashion trend pieces. Before starting her freelance journey, she held a position at Philadelphia Magazine, but her writing career started way before then. She’s been a self-proclaimed journalist since 2007 — when she was eight years old and had access to Microsoft Word for the first time.

It's important you know that she's a big fan of these things, in order: silk slip dresses, giving unsolicited life advice, Taylor Swift’s entire discography, and dirty vodka martinis (the dirtier, the better). Her journalism golden rule is to always sneak in an unrelated, lighthearted question— it always leads down paths you both wouldn’t expect, and you’ll be grateful you asked.LinkedIn:


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