Sarah Prager is an activist, public speaker, and writer. She is the founder and director of Quist, a free mobile app that brings queer history to the world in an interesting and interactive way, and the author of "Queer, There, And Everywhere." She has written about LGBTQ history for the Huffington Post, the Advocate, the It Gets Better Project's blog, and QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking. She has also spoken at major venues, including the U.S. embassy in Mexico City, the offices of Twitter and Microsoft; and more than a dozen universities in four countries, including Harvard Business School, the University of Manchester, and the Illinois Institute of Technology. Sarah came out as lesbian at the age of fourteen and, not knowing any other LGBTQ people, taught herself LGBTQ history as a means of gaining a sense of community. She has been an activist since that time, working for marriage equality, bisexual visibility, HIV prevention, sexual assault prevention, and basic LGBTQ human rights abroad. Sarah holds a BA from Boston University and a Certificate of Communications from Emerson College. She lives in Connecticut with her wife and their child.