Sarah Ramos

Sarah Ramos is an artist, actress, and amateur pop culture historian.

TV & Movies

Lacey Chabert Told Me The Secret To Being A Hallmark Christmas Queen

This year I starred in my very first Hallmark Christmas movie. It wasn’t nearly as easy as Chabert makes it look.

By Sarah Ramos


In Sarah Ramos’ 'Zaddy,' The Horrors Of Barre Are Laid Bare

Ramos’ new Audible Original audiobook follows a 20-something fitness instructor who finds herself unexpectedly pursued by an attractive older man.

By Sarah Ramos


I Pretended To Be An Influencer & All I Got Was Thousands Of Likes

I spent my entire career as a child actor actively avoiding pleas to sell my sexuality. What would it feel like to actually give in?

By Sarah Ramos