65 Brilliant Things You'll Use Every Day That Are Under $30 On Amazon Prime

You’ll reach for these clever little finds daily.

Written by Cianna Garrison
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To me, the best buys are things I use every day — those clever little finds that improve my quality of life by making cooking easier or upgrading my self-care routine. It’s extra amazing when these clever products don’t make a huge dent in my budget. So, I’m sharing this list of brilliant Amazon finds that, in my opinion, deserve a lot of fanfare. Why? Because they seriously zhuzh up your day-to-day, and they’re under $30 — which proves you really don’t have to spend a lot to improve your lifestyle.


The Jewelry Helper That Makes It Easy To Put Your Bracelets On

Struggle with clasps no more — this jewelry helper tool allows you to grip one end of a bracelet and use your free hand to clasp it shut. It has a gentle tip that won’t scratch your jewelry (or your skin), and it works with necklaces, watches, and zippers, too.


This Hydrating Eye Stick That Relieves Puffy, Tired Eyes

For well under $30, this hydrating eye stick will rescue tired, puffy eyes. Its niacinamide formula will brighten up your skin, while the Icelandic moss and seaweed extract are formulated to add refreshing hydration. It’s lightweight and comfortable, and you can also enhance the experience by storing the stick in the fridge.


These Self-Gripping Cable Ties That Keep Chargers & Cords From Tangling

Instead of dealing with tangled cables, get super organized with these self-gripping cable ties you can easily reuse. For well under $30, you can get a pack of 40 assorted color ties that loop (and stay) around a cable — even when you’re using the cord. Their versatile design works for cords, chargers, or even messy appliance cables.


A Reusable Pet Fur Roller To Speed Up Daily Fur Cleanup

Whip out this pet hair remover to tackle fur-covered furniture, and watch as pet hair instantly disappears. Its genius design is reusable and quick to use for daily pet fur cleaning. When it needs cleaning, simply push the button to open the compartment and toss away the fur. You can also use it to remove fur from clothing and blankets.


A Fang-Tastic Garlic Crusher That Keeps Your Hands Odor-Free

This vampire-shaped garlic crusher is not only a cute conversation piece — it crushes garlic in seconds and leaves your hands odor-free. Use it to crush or mince unpeeled cloves, as well as ginger, herbs, and nuts. Its BPA-free plastic is easy to hand wash, and nearly 5,000 shoppers have given it a five-star rating.


These Quick-To-Use Hand Masks That Repair Dry Skin

Filled with moisturizing shea butter and nourishing prebiotic oats, this pair of repairing hand masks is a quick and genius way to help out dry skin. Simply pop these single-use gloves on your hands while you chill for 10 minutes, then remove them. There’s no need to rinse your hands afterward — just enjoy how much softer they feel.


This Rain-Resistant Root Touch-Up Powder That’s Easy To Wear Every Day

If you prefer covering up roots between hair appointments, reach for this genius root touch-up powder with a mess-free puff applicator. Its formula provides up to 48 hours of coverage without staining or blocking your pores. It’s also water-, rain-, and sweat-resistant, so you can confidently apply it no matter what you’re doing that day. Plus, this clever powder simply washes out with shampoo.


This 4-in-1 Vegetable Chopper You’ll Reach For With Every Meal

This bargain vegetable chopper has a 5-cup catch tray and four stainless steel blade attachments that will seriously cut prep time. Use the small dice blade for softer fruit and veggies, the large dice blade for harder ones, or opt for the spiral or ribbon blade to make spiraled veggies.


These Precise Teeth Whitening Pens That Only Take About 20 Seconds

Skip expensive whitening treatments and try these best-selling teeth whitening pens formulated to be enamel-safe. A pack of two pens is equivalent to 28 whitening strip treatments (and they’re way easier to use). Simply brush your teeth, twist a pen to release some gel, brush it onto your teeth, and wait 30 seconds before relaxing your lips. One reviewer wrote, “These whitening pens are great. Easy to use, gentle, and painless, and they really did a great job at whitening my teeth and removing stains. I had no sensitivity at all.”


These Genius Skin Care Wristbands To Stop Water From Dripping Down Your Sleeves

Pop these absorbent microfiber towel wristbands on each wrist while you wash your face, and water won’t drip down your sleeves. For a budget-friendly price, you get four pairs of soft wristbands that will upgrade your self-care routine, and they also make great sweatbands for heavy workouts. One reviewer raved, “I don’t know why I can’t seem to wash my face without getting water all over everything, but these are GENIUS! My sink and clothes no longer look like a toddler has been playing in the sink. Humor aside, they are incredibly soft to the touch, they look and feel very luxurious.”


These Hair-Protecting Satin Pillowcases With Over 222,000 5-Star Ratings

This budget-friendly satin pillowcase set with over 220,000 five-star ratings will definitely be your new (and luxurious) everyday pillowcase. The silky polyester material may be gentler on the skin and hair, which the brand says prevents breakage and breakouts. A set costs well under $20, and with 35 color options, you can easily find a shade for your decor. One reviewer raved, “Incredible for the price! I will never go back to my old pillowcases. I have long hair, and it’s SHOCKING how much softer it is in the morning; the difference surprised me.”


These Self-Closing Toothpaste Caps That Eliminate Mess

Whether you have a habit of losing toothpaste caps or hate the messy build-up on the tube, these self-closing toothpaste caps are such an easy fix. Made of food-grade silicone, it slips over the tube’s threaded head without the need to screw it in. Once on, squeeze out toothpaste, and the cap will re-seal itself.


This Best-Selling Hair Wax Stick That Helps Frizz & Tames Flyaways

This budget-friendly hair wax stick smooths frizz and tames flyaways while delivering nourishing ingredients like avocado oil and vitamin E. While the castor oil can help prevent split ends and knots, the beeswax is formulated to shape hair without making your strands look greasy. Plus, over 27,000 Amazon shoppers have given this mess-free hair wax five stars.


This Cozy Microwavable Heating Pad Filled With Calming Lavender

Pop this microwavable heating pad into your microwave and enjoy up to 20 minutes of soothing heat on your neck and shoulders. It’s made with soft polyester and comfortably conforms to your upper body. When hot, its lavender and clay filling gives off a relaxing scent. You can also use it cold out of the freezer.


These Quick-Brewing Coffee Packets With Focus-Boosting Mushrooms

This mushroom coffee will be your new fav in your morning brewing routine because it’s designed to help boost your focus and energy. Its blend includes coffee and adaptogenic mushrooms, such as lion’s mane, which can help with focus and creativity. It comes in quick-to-use single-serve instant coffee packets and is packed with other ingredients that can boost antioxidants and even help with stress. One reviewer raved, “I love love love this stuff — it is so convenient and easy to grab in the morning and tastes delicious (and) I love the added benefit of the Lions Mane.”


This Soothing Shampoo Brush That Gently Massages Your Scalp

This fan-favorite shampoo brush is budget-friendly and makes hair-washing day such a soothing and relaxing process. Hold it by the handle and use it to scrub your head while you shampoo or use it dry. Its durable silicone bristles are easy to clean and gently massage your scalp without pulling strands. One reviewer wrote, “I NEEDED something to help remove the dry shampoo, sweat, and other build-up from my hair on wash day. I love how soothing this feels, how clean my scalp feels after using it, and how my hair looks, too. It doesn’t tangle hair, feels amazing, and is easy to clean.”


This Compact Vegetable Spiralizer That You Can Pop In The Dishwasher

Make professional-looking dishes without spending beaucoup bucks with this budget-friendly (and super compact) vegetable spiralizer. Choose from four blade settings, use the finger protector to skewer your vegetable of choice, and give it a twist to create restaurant-worthy spirals. It can also go in the dishwasher, so it’s actually practical for everyday veggie prep.


This Adjustable Car Cup Holder That Fits Bulky Thermoses

This car cup holder expander creates a sturdy spot for an oversized water bottle or travel coffee mug, and it fits most cup holders. Expand it via the bottom to fit inside your cup holder, and it won’t block the other slot. Once installed, use it to keep thermoses and cold cups up to 40 ounces secure on your drive. You can also fit two side-by-side in the car.


These Glass Flameless Candles That Look Real But Save Money

Replacing candles all the time can be expensive, but these glass flameless candles are just as cozy and reusable. This trio comes in stylish glass holders that feature real wax and faux wicks that flicker like flames, so there’s no shortage of ambiance. But unlike real candles, these have features like auto-off timers and dimmable flames.


These Facial Cleansing Towels Designed To Help With Redness & Acne

These best-selling facial cleansing towels are designed to be super absorbent and remove makeup. The brand says your usual bathroom towels can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so switching to these extra-large facial towels may reduce acne and redness. Reach for them to wash your face, remove face masks, or pair them with a makeup remover. One reviewer even raved, “These are life changing!”


An Outlet Extender & Shelf Combo With A Cozy Night-Light

This game-changing wall outlet extender comes with a handy shelf to rest your phone or keep your smart speaker tidy. It also has a smart night-light that automatically turns on at night to cozy up your space. Of course, you also get AC outlets, three USB-A ports, and one USB-C port in one place.


This Mattifying Dry Shampoo Powder For In Between Shampoos

Use the clever built-in puff to apply some of this dry shampoo powder to hair that needs a refresh in between shampoos. Its blend of charcoal, black ginseng, and biotin is formulated to be nonirritating and mattifying, plus it gives a volume boost. The fine powder effectively absorbs oil and sweat to reduce the oily appearance. One reviewer wrote, “Doesn’t leave a white cast and doesn’t leave a dry film. I have pretty thin hair that gets oily pretty much the next day but with this I have gotten away without washing my hair for five days! I can even use it after the gym and not feel nasty!”


This Cozy Motion Sensor Bed Light That Turns On When You Need It

Tucking this motion sensor LED bed light underneath your bed will make late-night trips to grab water much cozier. Installing it is super easy with its stick-on adhesive design, and once it’s installed, it will turn on when it senses motion within about 11 feet. You can also customize how quickly they turn off after so you can get back to sleep.


A Nourishing & Surprisingly Budget-Friendly Snail Mucin Repair Cream

Instead of paying over $30 for a face cream, grab this luxurious snail mucin repair cream. It’s packed with expensive-feeling ingredients like green tea, vitamins, and 97.5% snail mucin to make it super nourishing. Its refreshing citrus-scented formula also features other moisturizing ingredients like aloe and jojoba oil.


This Fan-Favorite Mini Hair Remover That’s A Breeze To Use

If you prefer to remove facial hair, this fan-favorite and super gentle hair remover is easier than booking pricey appointments. It boasts over 97,000 five-star ratings, and it cleverly looks like a small tube of lipstick, so you can literally take it anywhere. Remove the cap, push the button, move the compact in a circular motion over your skin, and watch the hair disappear.


These Swaying Solar Garden Lights That Add Magical Ambiance

You can easily stick these budget-friendly solar garden lights in a planter on your patio and forget about them because they turn on and off automatically. They charge with UV rays and are waterproof and heat-resistant, so you also won’t have to worry about harsh weather damaging them. Plus, their flexible branches even sway gently in the wind.


A Collapsible Basket To Move Laundry From The Washer To The Dryer

Pile all your laundry into this collapsible laundry basket, and it’ll make it shockingly easy to transport it from the washer to the dryer (or from the dryer to your folding area). The flexible design fits into any front-loading washing machine or dryer. Then, simply spin the washer or dryer drum to dump all of the clothes into it. Use it to transport loads in one go and fold it into the attached pouch when you’re done.


A Wearable Light That’s Comfy Enough For Everyday Reading

This wearable LED reading light is a must for bedtime reading, crafting, reading on a plane, and more. It features adjustable arms and six brightness settings. Your reading experience will also get an upgrade with three color temperatures you can cycle through with the top button. Adjust the brightness of each light via the side buttons, and you’re ready to read.


A Hydrating Apple Mint Lip Oil That Also Has A Bit Of Plumping

This trendy K-beauty lip oil is formulated to be super hydrating while also giving your pout a perfectly plumped appearance. Its formula is cleverly designed to not be sticky and includes moisturizing ingredients like jojoba seed oil and apple seed oil. One reviewer wrote, “For the price, this is EXCEPTIONAL. It lasts really long [...] The colors are exceptional and give you a really natural glow. It's shiny but not overwhelming.” Speaking of colors, it comes in over 10 stain options for a variety of looks.


These Reusable Dishcloths That Are Durable Enough For Everyday Chores

Stop buying paper towels and opt for these reusable Swedish dishcloths for everyday spills and chores around the house. They’re designed to absorb up to 20 times their weight in liquid and replace up to 15 rolls of paper towels (which means you’re saving cash, too). Simply refresh them in the dishwasher or washing machine and toss them without guilt when they’re worn out — they’re completely biodegradable.


These Restorative Hair Serum Capsules For Dry & Damaged Hair

This jar of daily hair serum capsules specifically formulated for dry or damaged hair has enough capsules for a month of treatments. The serum includes ingredients like strengthening keratin, amino acids, and hydrating silk protein, which may increase your hair’s softness while reducing frizz and breakage.


These Genius Tablets To Easily Clean Your Reusable Water Bottles

These quick-to-use cleaning tablets are such a game-changer for the annoying chore of cleaning water bottles. Simply add warm water to your favorite water bottle and add one of these budget-friendly tablets. The environmentally friendly blend of salts, baking soda, citrus, and hydrogen peroxide is formulated to remove bacteria and break down grime. After it sits for 15 to 30 minutes, empty the bottle and rinse it.


These Nonstick & Dishwasher-Safe Oven Liners To Make Cleanup A Breeze

These nonstick oven liners fit most standard ovens, and you can also cut them to fit toaster ovens or other appliances. Stick one inside your oven and bake to your heart’s content, and the Teflon design will catch drips, crumbs, and spills. You can also easily wash off any spills in the dishwasher, and it’s ready for next time.


This Expensive-Looking TV Backlight Strip To Elevate Your Go-To Shows

For under $30, you can apply this expensive-looking LED TV backlight strip to the back of your TV and enjoy more comfortable viewing. Not only does it add bias lighting, which lessens the harsh contrast of light in a dark room, but it also adds a colorful ambiance, thanks to 15 color options.


These Handy Headrest Hooks That Can Hold Heavy Backpacks & Purses

If you’re tired of your bag falling onto the floorboard, these headrest hooks are easy to attach to any car seat. They can hold up to 55 pounds each, so they’ll even support a heavy duffle bag. Plus, when you need to reach a bag, you can quickly rotate the hook up to 360 degrees.


A Pumice Stone Cleaner To Tackle Stains & Rust All Over The House

It’s worth grabbing a few of these pumice stone cleaners because you can use them all over the house to tackle hard water stains, rust, dirt, and even grimy grill grates. It can even gently remove stains from the toilet without scratching the bowl. It also only needs water, so you can save your cleaning sprays. Plus, a ton reviewers are praising how easy and effective this clever stone cleaner is.


These Clever Hanger Holders To Save Closet Space & Plan Outfits

These genius hangers save a bunch of space, but they’re also super handy for stacking pieces to plan outfits every morning. Each hanger can withstand heavy items like winter coats and is lined with hooks to stack up to five hangers. They’re also made of thick plastic that won’t easily warp or break, so you can confidently stack clothing to maximize your storage. One happy shopper wrote, “I love these! Every closet has them and they're sturdy enough to hold our hoodies, jackets, snow pants, jeans, etc - you get the point lol.”


A Gentle Everyday Detangling Brush That Minimizes Breakage

If your hair tangles easily, this detangling brush’s five flexible layers of bristles are designed to glide through your hair and detangle knots without painful tugging. The bristles mold to your scalp, so you also get a nice massage when you use this brush. They’ll also move with strands instead of pulling your hair to minimize breakage.


A Wireless Power Scrubber For Small Spaces & Grout Lines

This trending multipurpose power scrubber comes ready to use with four AA batteries. Use its oscillating head to scrub kitchen or bathroom grout, and its 60-times-per-minute scrubbing cycle will beat grime in no time. You also won’t have to worry about getting it wet while you clean because it’s also cleverly water-resistant. One reviewer raved, “I use this everywhere! It helps me clean so much faster and get into all the little spaces. I initially bought this just for the sink and to get around the faucet well. But now I use it on my entire countertop, fridge — anywhere that needs to be deep cleaned.”


These Reusable Silicone Lids That Stretch Right Over All Of Your Containers

These leakproof and reusable silicone lids are way more budget-friendly than plastic wrap or foil, and they come with a bag to keep them tidy. A pack of seven includes various sizes, and each one is super stretchable, so you’ll find a fit for every container (even cooking pots). And don’t worry about freshness — even containers with round or square corners will get an airtight seal.


A K-Beauty Pore Scrub Stick That Helps Clear Up Skin

Adding this adorable little octopus pore scrubber to your skin care regimen is an easy way to gently exfoliate pores, remove excess sebum, and banish blackheads. Cellulose beads and ingredients like black mud balm work to remove buildup, and it’s also packed with mineral-rich dead sea salt and hydrating taurine.


This Tub Drain Protector That Keeps Your Bathtub Drain Clog-Free

Stick this tub drain protector into your bathroom drain, and you won’t have to worry about costly clogs. Its mushroom design catches hairs and wraps them into a neat bundle without blocking the flow of water. It’s easy to clean, too — just pull it out and dispose of the hair with a tissue.


These Space-Saving Legging Organizers That Hold 10 Pairs Each

Instead of creasing your leggings or stretching them out on hangers, use these gentle, rubber-coated hangers to store up 10 pairs on each one. The curved design makes it easy to see all of your favorite leggings. They also work great for jeans and trousers, and the rubber tips on the clamps prevent dents.


These Magnetic Measuring Spoons That Are So Easy To Keep Up With

It’ll be a breeze to find the measuring spoon you need with this stainless steel set because it has a magnetic design to keep them all together. Their magnetic design also means you can stick this tidy set on your fridge to keep up with them. You also get all of the tools you’ll need, including seven dual-sided spoons and a handy spice leveler.


These Heavy-Duty Storage Straps To Tidy Up All Kinds Of Things

You’ll find new ways every day to use these heavy-duty storage straps designed to keep your gardening supplies, bulky extension cords, and more organized. The pack includes weatherproof straps of varying lengths, each with an industrial-strength hook-and-loop closure to keep all of your things secure. They’re also topped off with rust-resistant stainless steel grommets for easy hanging.


A Digital Meat Thermometer That Also Opens Your Drink

Crack open a cold one while you’re cooking or grilling because this inexpensive digital meat thermometer has a built-in bottle opener on the end. Use the thermometer’s retractable probe to get a temperature read in as little as two seconds. Plus, its large, bright LED screen ensures you won’t have any trouble reading the temp.


A Portable Selfie Ring Light With 3 Lighting Modes

Whenever you need a lighting boost on a video call or in photos, this selfie ring light comes in clutch. It’s portable and recharges via a 3-foot USB cable, so you can even plug it in while using it on a laptop. Meanwhile, three lighting modes help you get the perfect glow you’re looking for. One reviewer wrote, “This light is super useful for virtual meetings or phone chats. It is small, lightweight, and fits well on my laptop and Google Pixel 3a phone [...] Well worth it for under a $20 investment.”


This Wireless Under-Cabinet Light Strip You Can Use All Over The House

This under-cabinet lighting strip is a budget-friendly solution to brighten dark areas of your home. Simply use the included adhesive backing to mount it onto wood, metal, or even plastic. Pop in batteries, and you’ll have instant wireless lighting that you’ll use every single day. This clever strip is also waterproof, so you can use it anywhere.


A Clever Microwave Rice Cooker That Makes Dinner So Much Easier

Instead of babysitting a pot of rice on the stove, use this clever little microwave rice cooker. It comes with everything you need to make fluffy rice, including a 2-liter cooking pot, a separate colander, a rice paddle, and a measuring cup. The lid securely locks into place with the rice paddle, which also doubles as a carrying handle.


This Magical Silicone Spoon Holder That Snaps Onto Pots

Instead of resting your spoon in a random spot and forgetting where you put it, use this witch-shaped silicone spoon holder that snaps onto a pot’s edge and holds your spoon in place. Its clever design magically prevents your spoon from dripping onto the counter or stove.


This Under-Cabinet Jar Opener That Opens Any Lid

This jar opener with anti-rust teeth is an under $30 find that’s a game-changer for opening up stubborn jars. Simply twist off the most stubborn of food lids, bottle caps, or even skin care lids using just one hand. It comes with adhesive and screws, so you can quickly mount it underneath a cabinet and use it pronto.


This Stain-Hiding Mat That Keeps Your Coffee Station Clean

Without this cleverly stain-hiding mat, it’s easy for a coffee maker to drip coffee onto and stain your countertop. Pop this budget-friendly leakproof coffee mat underneath your brewer, and it will absorb liquid in as little as 10 seconds. Plus, stains virtually disappear, and it comes in eight coffee-hiding colors to match your kitchen.


These Wireless LED Puck Lights To Illuminate Your Cooking Space

You’re pretty much guaranteed to use these budget-friendly wireless LED puck lights daily to light up your kitchen while you cook or your closet to easily see all of your clothes. Simply use the adhesive to stick them underneath cabinets or anywhere else you need more light — it’s so easy you might just stick them all over the house. The best might be the included remote, which lets you set auto-off timers for up to two hours.


This Waterproof Car Trash Can That Buckles On The Back Of Your Headrest

This leakproof 2-gallon car trash can is way better than keeping a leaky plastic bag on the floorboard of your car. Yep, this can is leakproof, waterproof, and wipeable, but that’s not the best part. Its adjustable strap allows you to buckle it onto the back of a headrest or your car’s console for convenient access.


An Easy-To-Store Strainer That Clips Onto Any Pot, Pan, Or Bowl

Unlike a traditional colander, this snap-on pot strainer is made of flexible, heat-resistant silicone that takes up much less space. It snaps onto any size pot, pan, or bowl with the two side clips and has a tall wall that allows you to strain pasta and other foods without anything spilling out.


This Washable Microfiber Duster To Tackle All Kinds Of Hidden Dust

This microfiber duster won’t break the bank, and it’s a helpful tool for reaching those hard-to-dust areas of your home that you might skip in your regular cleaning routine. The head is also super flexible, so you can easily get underneath couches or in tight crevices. You can also pull off the cloth to machine-wash all the dust away.


These Absorbent Fuzzy Towels With Stick-On Hangers

These fuzzy sphere-shaped towels are not just decorative and cute — their chenille material is also designed to be 30% more absorbent than regular towels. These machine-washable towels also come with stick-on hanging hooks for easy access and display them alongside other decor.


These Linen Closet Storage Organizers With Handles

These cleverly-designed storage organizers are such an easy way to keep linens and extra clothes tidy every day. Each organizer features a helpful handle that you can pull to access stacked clothes or linens, and they’re large enough to fit a stack of sweaters, pants, shirts, and more.


This Automatic Salt & Pepper Grinder Set With Sleek LED Lights

This super sleek electric salt and pepper grinder set with an under $20 price tag makes grinding ridiculously easy. Simply fill the grinder with your go-to seasoning, select your coarseness with the top knob, and tilt the grinder upside down to grind. Each grinder also has an LED light, so you’ll get the right amount of seasoning every time.


This Durable Holder To Tidy Cleaning & Gardening Tools

Instantly make your go-to cleaning supplies and tools look immaculately organized with this sturdy broom holder and tool organizer. It features five spring-loaded slots to easily pop in brooms, rakes, and other tools and six hooks to hang other items. Its 4.5-star average rating after over 59,000 ratings also speaks to its easy installation and durable construction.


These Customizable Pantry Bins To Easily Find Ingredients For Dinner

Make it way easier to find your snacks or dinner ingredients every day with this sleek pack of shatter-resistant plastic pantry organizers. Each BPA-free plastic organizer comes with three removable dividers so that you can customize their compartments. Their compact size also means they’ll easily fit on most shelves or inside cabinets.


This Reflective Journal That Requires Just 5 Minutes Of Your Day

This reflective Five-Minute Journal proves you can still be a busy bee and find time to track your days, emotions, small wins, and more. Its daily prompts feature affirmations, inspirational quotes, places to reflect, space to jot down priorities, and more. You also get weekly challenges to continue to reflect throughout the week. Fill out the morning and nighttime sections for six months, and it’s designed to increase your happiness.


This Space-Boosting Fridge Drawer Organizer Easily Hooks Onto A Shelf

You won’t need any screws to install this game-changing clip-on drawer on your fridge shelf. It hooks onto a shelf in a few minutes and adds instant storage. It has an optional divider to separate ingredients into four compartments. Or you can remove the two dividers to have one large drawer for produce, eggs, or cheeses.


This Onion-Slicing Tool That Doubles As A Meat Tenderizer

This onion-slicing holder with stainless steel prongs makes it a breeze to keep onions steady as you cut and simultaneously protects your fingers. Simply hold the ergonomic handle and use your other hand to slice or dice an onion. Its wide tongs make it easy to make symmetrical cuts. Plus, you can also use this clever holder as a meat tenderizer.


A Glass Cold Brew Maker That Makes 4 Cups Of Impressive Coffee

This cold brew coffee maker with easy-to-use built-in measurements will make homemade cold brew a breeze. Add your grounds into the easy-to-use filter, pour water into the carafe, and pop it into the fridge for 12 to 24 hours. You’ll have 4 cups of homemade cold brew in no time and an airtight lid on top to keep it fresh.