45 Clever Problem-Solving Products On Amazon That Work Shockingly Well

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Written by Cianna Garrison
45 Clever Problem-Solving Products On Amazon That Work Shockingly Well
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Sometimes, little life issues go unsolved for way too long (don’t get me started on the tangled cables at my desk). If there’s an annoying problem, hiccup, or little frustration you run into on the daily, Amazon almost always has the solution. That’s where these clever problem-solving products come in. I’ve gathered up a large list of top-rated products that work so well that you might just find yourself using them every day. Plus, with those high ratings, you can be confident that they’ll work.


These Non-Stick Oven Liners To Simplify Spill Cleanup

Drips and spills in your oven are never pleasant, but these durable non-stick oven liners with a universal fit make cleanup so much easier. Stick one of these double-sided, nontoxic liners on the bottom of your oven or trim them down to use them in microwaves or toaster ovens. When a spill happens on these mats, simply wash it by hand or in a dishwasher.


A Gadget That Neatly Winds Up Hair For Easy Drain Cleaning

Stick this tub hair catcher into your tub’s drain, and you won’t have to worry about stray hairs and potentially pricey clogs. Its mushroom-like design catches loose strands and winds them together so you can dispose of hair in one go. Its easy-to-clean design still lets water flow through it, so water won’t pool up in your sink or tub.


An Under-Cabinet Jar Opener That Opens Any Lid Size

You can open nearly any lid with this under-cabinet jar opener, like pasta jars, water bottles, and even tiny skincare caps. Install it with the included adhesive and screws, then witness how easy it is to unscrew lids up to 5 inches wide by using the V-shaped grip to twist it. It has a rust-resistant finish, and you can use one hand to open things.


An Impressive Tray That Speeds Up Defrosting & Keeps Your Counter Clean

Ditch other thawing methods like microwaving and hot water for this easy-to-use, non-stick defrosting tray made of quick-thawing aluminum alloy. The material works to extract cold from the meat onto the plate without the use of electricity. Plus, the tray-like design prevents any juices or water from dripping onto the counter. One reviewer raved about its quick defrosting times — “Chicken breasts thawed in 30 minutes. If you are thinking of buying, get it!”


This Battery-Free Fabric Shaver & Lint Brush To De-Pill *Everything*

Save your sweater from the donation pile with this battery-free fabric shaver with three blades for bulky, medium, and delicate fabrics. One side has a button to easily swap out the de-pilling blades, and you can even flip this shaver over to use the built-in lint remover on the other side.


These Anti-Odor Cleaning Tablets You Simply Toss In The Dishwasher

These odor-removing cleaning tablets will deep clean your dishwasher with zero effort or scrubbing on your part, and they’re backed by 4.6 stars out of over 67,000 ratings. One tablet monthly works to eliminate limescale, mineral buildup, and gunk can’t even see in your dishwasher’s tub, hoses, pump, and valve. You can also use them at the same time your dishes are washing. One reviewer raved, “One run-through with affresh and the dishwasher looked brand new again! I love this stuff.”


A Genius Tool To Quickly Put On Bracelets & Jewelry

Putting bracelets on by yourself is a struggle, but this lightweight bracelet tool will eliminate those woes with its speedy clamp design. Simply use the anti-scratch clamp end to grasp onto the end of your bracelet or necklace, then take the fastener in your other hand and latch the ends together.


A Windshield Cleaner & Defogger To Clear Condensation In A Few Swipes

Dirt, fog, and condensation on windows or mirrors are no match for this scratch-free windshield cleaner and defogger. Store it in your car and use it wet or dry whenever your windows need attention. It’s made of machine-washable fabric and won’t streak windows. One reviewer wrote, “This little thing is amazing! I used it, and all the hazy film was gone off my windshield.”


These Ultra-Durable Under-Bed Bags That Fit Up To 10 Pounds Of Clothes

These tear-proof under-bed storage containers make it easy to store seasonal items and other clutter out of sight while their transparent tops still let you see what’s inside. You can stash up to 10 pounds of items into each bag, and their super slim design means they’ll easily fit on your top shelf or underneath your bed.


These Zero-Effort Drain Sticks To Eliminate Sink & Tub Odors

Quickly clean out odors, stubborn grease, and food residue with these little easy-to-use drain sticks that you simply pop in the drain. You can place these pipe-friendly sticks into tub drains, shower drains, sink drains, or even the garbage disposal. You also only have to use one a month, so this bulk pack will last a while in your cleaning closet. One satisfied reviewer wrote, “This stick really gets rid of the odor in our kitchen sink and lasts a full month.”


These Impressively Exfoliating Foot Peel Masks With Over 30,000 5-Star Reviews

With over 30,000 five-star reviews, you might want to stock up on these easy-to-wear foot peel masks that are packed with exfoliating lactic acid. They’re also formulated with rejuvenating peach kernel oil and seriously hydrating aloe vera. Simply wear these booties for 90 minutes, then watch as dead skin sloughs off and reveals soft heels and soles in two weeks or less.


These Space-Saving Containers With Vents To Keep Fruit & Veggies Fresh

Store your fruit and vegetables in these produce-saving containers, and they’ll provide the perfect airflow to keep your veggies fresher longer. The top lids feature a ventilated filter system that regulates airflow, creating the ideal environment for produce. You don’t need to replace the filters, either — they last indefinitely.


These Blemish-Busting Acne Patches That Work In 6 To 8 Hours

Banish painful zits with these zero-effort and super transparent acne patches that have over 102,000 glowing five-star reviews. The hydrocolloid works to absorb pus and is safe for all skin types. To use one, cleanse and dry your skin, peel off a patch, apply it, and leave it on for six to eight hours until it turns white. One happy shopper wrote, “I have breakouts regularly and I tried these for the first time. I wish I would have known about them ages ago because they absolutely work! 100% worth the money.”


A Collapsible & Adjustable Organizer To Fit *All* Of The Car Clutter

If you’re struggling to fit everything in your car (neatly), this collapsible car trunk organizer has nine waterproof compartments, including four mesh pockets for small items. It folds flat to about 3.5 inches thick to save car space. When in use, you can also expand it to about 1 or 2 feet long, depending on how much space you have.


This Sponge Holder Dispense Dish Soap Right Onto Your Sponge

This dish soap dispenser and sponge holder combo holds an impressive 13 ounces of dish soap and comes with a built-in pump, so you simply press your sponge down to grab your soap. With its space-saving design, the top also doubles as a sponge holder. Plus, its nonslip feet will keep it perfectly secure every time you dispense soap.


These Quick-Drying Microfiber Hair Towels That Seriously Stay Put

Bulky towels and slow hair-drying times will be a thing of the past with these easy-to-wear microfiber hair towels that dry your hair super quickly. They have elastic on the back to keep them perfectly secure for as long as you want to wear them (AKA — no unraveling towel while you do your skincare). These sleek, damage-reducing towels are also super travel-friendly. One reviewer wrote, “They are very absorbent and keep my hair from tangling. They wrap better than using a regular towel because of their shape.”


A Spill-Resistant Holder To Save On Laundry Detergent

This nonslip laundry detergent holder has a built-in tray to catch drips and spills (AKA — say goodbye to hard-to-clean soap messes). The tilted design ensures you use the entire bottle of detergent. Plus, all you have to do is fasten your favorite detergent using the included strap, place the cup beneath the spout, and dispense soap with one hand. One reviewer wrote, “The battle of the liquid detergent mess is REAL. This clever stand eliminates that. IF there is a drip or two it is contained in an easily cleaned plastic tray. The detergent bottle fits perfectly and stays in place. Love it.”


An Ultra-Thin Outlet Concealer That Hides Cords & Plugs

With a three-outlet extension cord attached to this ultra-thin outlet concealer, you can move unsightly plugs and cords in a few simple steps. Unplug your items, then plug the thin plate into the outlet to make it blend right in with your wall. You can also tidy up the cord against the wall via the included adhesive cord clips.


These Quick-To-Use Bra Strap Clips To Cleverly Hide Bra Straps

If you don’t prefer your bra straps showing, turn any bra into a racer-back with these easy-to-use clips that hide straps and give extra support. Simply slip one on by lacing each strap underneath the right and left tabs, then slide it into the desired spot and watch your straps disappear.


These Clear Cabinet Door Bumper Pads To Dampen Noise

To stop accidentally slamming cabinets and drawers, grab these transparent cabinet door bumpers that stick right to the corners to stop the noise before it starts. With a strong adhesive material that works on a ton of surfaces, you can also apply these waterproof bumpers to the bottom of items like vases, boxes, and cutting boards to protect furniture.


An Easy-To-Install Organizer To Keep Every Mop & Broom Secure

Finding the perfect spot for brooms, rakes, and other household tools can be a pain, but this wall-mounted organizer has five sturdy spring-loaded clamps and six hooks to tidy everything. It can hold up to 35 pounds of your go-to cleaning supplies. Mounting it is also a breeze with the included hardware and an instructional video to quickly get it on your wall.


These Reusable Sneaker Cleaner Sponges That Erase Dirt & Scuffs

Make your sneakers look new again with these dual-sided sneaker cleaners that come with an impressively effective micro-scrub texture. Each one of these reusable sponges will work to erase scuffs and dirt. Simply add water to these scuff-removing sponges, use the white side on the sole or exterior of your shoe, then wipe it clean with the orange side.


A Volumizing Texture Spray That Makes Your Hair Look Hydrated

If you’re constantly looking for a volume boost, look no further than this dry texture spray that instantly boosts all hair types and separates strands for texture. While the glycerin reduces frizz, sunflower seed extract nourishes, and silica silylate adds texture and minimizes the appearance of oil for a matte finish. One reviewer wrote, “This product has brought back the life in my hair! It holds my hair great, gives it great body, and smells great, too!”


These Mess-Free Paint Pens For Touchups All Over The House

These no-drip fillable paint pens make it easy to touch up areas of your home that need a fresh coat — and you can store paint in them for more than seven years. Simply use the syringe to suck up paint, snap the precise brush tip onto the paint pen, and twist the bottom to move paint onto the brush.


A Stainless Steel Cleaning Kit With Three Easy-To-Use Tools To Banish Fingerprints

Keep your stainless steel appliances free of frustrating fingerprints, food smudges, dust, and dirt with this stainless steel cleaner kit that has absolutely all the tools you’ll need. It has a spray with a microfiber cloth or super easy-to-use wipes when you’re low on time. Both of the included options make it easy to clean those annoying appliances, and they’ll leave behind a polished finish.


An Electric Cleaner For *Seriously* Speedy Makeup Brush Cleaning & Drying

Keep your brushes sparkling clean (without spending all day washing them) with this three-speed electric makeup brush cleaner. To use it — choose from the eight collars to fit your unique brushes and add your favorite cleaning solution to the break-resistant bowl. With the clever spinning tool, you can whirl the brush around to clean it and dry it off in about 30 seconds. One reviewer raved, “I’m blown away at how well and fast this works. It usually takes me several minutes per brush to wash all the makeup out, but with this genius invention, it takes literally seconds!”


These Reusable Cable Labels To Help You Locate The Charger You Need

Instead of wasting time finding the right cable in a mess of cords, instantly find the one you need with these colorful and reusable cable labels. Simply write these clever labels with a ballpoint pen, then wrap them around to secure the reusable hook and loop closure. Plus, at nearly two inches from edge to edge, each label will be super easy to read.


A Trio Of Easy-To-Reuse Drain Clog Removers To Fix Sluggish Drains

With an extra-long multi-tooth design, these drain clog removers will easily reach and pull out hair or other gross debris in sink and tub drains. Their flexible plastic design makes it easy to bend and maneuver them through pipes. Plus, it makes these cleaners easy to clean and reuse.


This Wear-Resistant Leather Repair Tape To Patch Up Furniture

Repairing tears, scratches, and holes in your leather furniture without spending a lot of money is surprisingly doable with this waterproof leather repair tape because it has super easy adhesive on the back. It takes only a few minutes to measure, cut, peel off the backing, and apply it over your furniture. You can also grab it in over 20 colors and multiple textures.


A Durable Dishwasher Magnet That Tells You If Dishes Are Clean Or Dirty

Quit the guessing game and use this adorable dishwasher magnet to label your dishes clean or dirty. The double-sided magnet works on stainless steel dishwashers, and if your dishwasher isn’t magnetic — it comes with an easy-to-use adhesive metal strip. This waterproof and peel-proof magnet has garnered an impressive 4.8-star average rating out of over 2,000 reviews.


These Stackable Fridge Bins That Will Tidy *Every* Ingredient

These easy-to-stack plastic refrigerator organizer bins will take your cluttered fridge to perfectly tidy (and they make it easy to keep it that way). This easy-to-clean pack has four different bin sizes — an egg bin, a soda bin, two wide bins, and two narrow bins — and most of them have built-in carrying handles.


An Adjustable Organizer For Extra Storage Space On Your Car Seat

It’s so quick to strap this universal-fit car organizer right over your car seat to fix clutter. You can organize everything in one spot with twelve different pockets, including two phone-sized pockets, two mesh side pockets for bottles or coffee cups, and a large padded pocket for laptops or tablets. Plus, this adjustable organizer has a waterproof cover in case of road trip spills.


A Handy Magnetic Holder To Quickly Gather Up Messy Hairpins

Stray hairpins can clutter up your bathroom fast, but this travel-friendly magnetic holder is such an easy way to tidy them up and keep them perfectly in place until you need one. If you ever spill a bunch of hairpins, simply flip this compact dish over and sweep it over your bathroom counter to instantly gather them all up.


These Slide-On Under-Shelf Baskets For Genius Extra Storage

Add these under-shelf baskets to your pantry or closet (no hardware necessary), and you instantly have a spot for plastic wrap boxes, extra dishes, linens, pantry essentials, and more. Simply slip the sturdy arms over a kitchen or bathroom shelf, and each of these sturdy metal shelves will give you a ton of extra space.


This Rolling Garlic Peeler That Saves A Ton Of Prep Time

Speed up dinner prep and peel multiple cloves at once by simply rolling this silicone garlic peeler on a flat surface. It keeps your hands clean and free of garlic odors, and it sheds peels in a few seconds, thanks to the silicone ridges. When you’re done, it’s easy to handwash or stick it on the top rack of your dishwasher.


These Stick-On Cable Clips To Make Messy Chargers Stay Put

All of those messy-looking chargers and cables will stay put with these stick-on cable clips that stick onto your nightstand, desk, or other surfaces. Their flexible silicone design will fit multiple cable styles. Plus, this pack includes three-, five-, and seven-slot sizes to scatter around your space. "It keeps all my charging cables at the ready," one reviewer wrote. "I really don't want to go back to a tangled mess on the floor!"


A Wrap-Around Scrubber To Safely Cleans Kitchen Knives & Utensils

Handwashing knives can be dangerous (and time-consuming), but this cleverly-shaped scrubber wraps around cutlery to make the process safer. This wrap-around design has bristles on two sides to scrub both sides of the cooking knives or utensils. Meanwhile, your hand stays safely on the textured nonslip side of this handy brush. One reviewer raved, “This little gadget works not just for cleaning knives, but all my silverware and faster and easier than with a sponge or dish rag.”


An Adjustable & Foldable Phone Stand You’ll Use *All* Over The House

This foldable phone stand is compact enough to carry around the house, so you can prop your phone up absolutely anywhere, like on your coffee table, kitchen counter, desk, and more. The height and angle are adjustable to easily see all of your notifications. Plus, it holds your phone (with the case on) and keeps it stable with a weighted base and nonslip rubber pads.


These Lint-Free Microfiber Cleaning Cloths To Fix Smudged Screens & Jewelry

Get rid of pesky lint, dust, and fingerprints with these microfiber cleaning cloths that offer a smudge-free, scratch-free clean every time. You can use them on eyeglasses, sunglasses, touchscreen laptops, tablets, or even to polish up your jewelry. Their tightly woven microfiber material is also absorbent, so feel free to use them with your go-to cleaning sprays.


This Multi-Pack Of Ring Size Adjusters To Keeps Rings From Slipping

If you have rings that don’t quite fit, these soft plastic ring size adjusters will solve slippage in minutes. This pack comes with two different sizes to fit on thin bands and wide statement rings. Plus, installing one is as simple as twisting it on and cutting it to size.


An Over-Door Shoe Organizer That Can Tidy Up More Than Shoes

Instead of stacking up shoes on the floor, this shoe organizer has 24 breathable mesh pockets, so each pair will feel fresh when you pull them on. Simply use the chrome hooks to hang it on top of your door, then fill each pocket with shoes, accessories, bathroom products, or any other small items that could use some tidying.


These Invisible Chair Leg Covers For An Easy Way To Protect Floors

Slip these silicone chair leg covers with felt bottoms over your furniture legs to prevent scratched-up floors and make it easier to move furniture around. The material stretches to fit all kinds of furniture, and with their transparent silicone design, these covers won’t distract from your decor.


This Budget-Friendly Wood Polish To Revitalize Cabinets & Furniture

Instead of replacing pricey cabinets and furniture, simply sweep on this wood polish and conditioner once a month to hydrate and revitalize them with nourishing orange oil. It’s also formulated with beeswax and carnauba wax, so it will leave behind a protective coating on the wood in between uses.


A Coffee Maker Descaling Solution That Makes It *So* Easy To Stay On Schedule

This ready-made descaling solution will remove mineral buildup in your coffee maker every two months with basically zero effort on your part. It’s a completely odorless way to keep your brewer functioning properly and your coffee tasting fresh. They also have easy-to-use measurements on the side and spots to write down the date to remember the last time you used it.


A Chic Knife Block With A Clever Spot To Store Kitchen Scissors

This stainless steel universal knife block fits up to 12 knives and even comes with a handy scissor slot to keep cutlery organized. Its compact size won’t take up much counter space, while its weighted and nonslip bottom keeps it steady. You also won’t have to worry about the tips of the knives either (since they won’t reach the bottom).